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The Pope died today.....

Posted by forwardzion 
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 09:08PM
I just gave up trying to read that whole thing. But I do find enough fault in the following exerpt, to discourage me from wanting to........

> There is no doubt among enlighten people in the
> > world
> > and in the USA that there is a certain malignant
> > force
> > controlling the U.S. and that is casting its shadow
> > across the world. La Voz de Aztlan proposes that
> > this
> > same sinister force or power is the same one
> > responsible for the Crucifixion of the "True
> > Messiah"
> > Jesus Christ. It is the same force that emanated
> > from
> > the Pharisees over 200 years ago. If Jesus Christ
> > was
> > ministering today, no doubt he would be crucified
> > again!

The crucifixion was the will of the Father. You see, it brings Him glory to reveal His own manifold wisdom through His justice as well as His mercy. The only thing this malignant force has done, is aided in carrying out His will. And the only thing this malignant force is, is the sin of mankind. I think whoever wrote this artical is digging deeper than they need too. And digging way beyond any certainty....into purr speculation. Our need in overstanding God's word is much simpler than any predictions of times and places that His intentions will be carried out.

Mankind got to know themselves before their back's against the wall......and whether that time is a thousand years from now, or tomorrow, He's gonna come like a thief in the night. NO MAN KNOWS THE DAY OR THE HOUR. So we all need to site up the Son, for He is the only way to the Father. Jah, please reveal to them that there is no salvation in the virgin, and that there is no salvation in ourselves. Jah please guide us to the cross, and reveal to mankind that salvation comes from Jesus Christ alone.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 09:23PM
Jesus said "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Light" Where ever you find the Truth you will see HIM. Where ever you find THE WAY you will find HIM. Where ever you find a light in the darkness of the World you will see HIM. I do not believe this t mean that all others who either were born into other faiths will parish. I think what Christ is transcends Religon as a whole. He is the Truth because there was no lie found in Him. In the immortal words of Chuck D, "Crucifiction ain't no fiction."
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 09:28PM
>i*turned on tube last nite to try & catch BBC update & noticed satan on every network channel plugged on sum disturbing vibes(bloody church). nuff said*
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 09:29PM
Can't continue to reason about the responsibilities of mortal men when you lot keep climbing up into the pulpit to deliver sermons. It's illogical.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 09:41PM
Bufo I don't get it man, I haven't said a negative word about you. I am not climbin anything I thought we were just discussin this business? It seems like you are takin shots at I and I don't know why.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 09:48PM
two different contexts, if you igrnore that I can see what you are saying, but other than that I am at a loss
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 10:58PM
Not taking shots at all ninja, just discussing the pope/vatican etc is different than quoting scripture, one is fact, one is belief, you can't mix then into the same conversation. But regardless, no offense intended.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 10, 2005 06:20PM
I hear you, I guess what I was trying to point out is that many consider religous truths, to be "facts". This does cause a lot of problems, but for a believer this cannot be any other way. No offense taken. Thanks for the reasoning on this here matter.
Pale Ryder
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 11, 2005 10:30PM
A wise man showed me this site, check it out.....
remnamtofgod.org look for the prophecy slide show.....
Pale Ryder
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 11, 2005 11:15PM
check this.... [www.remnantofgod.org]
Re: The Pope died today.....
January 06, 2006 11:39PM
There are people in the world who are wrong. Some of them might be involved with interpreting prophecy no matter how they seem. I do not know wnough about this website to say one wa or the other, but I have a couple questions. Is it the Pope or the Papacy that is the Anti Christ? If it is the Pope does that mean that the Anti Christ is now dead? If it is the Papcey then how do they/you square this with the fact that Nero wore the mark of the beast in his name? Just topics for discussion with my reasonable brethren and sistren.
pale ryder
Re: The Pope died today.....
January 07, 2006 12:46AM
I do not claim to know this, but if you check out that site with an open mind, there are some very scary coincidences between the contents of revelations and the past and present catholic church. They say the anti christ will spawn out of the catholic church. A friend showed me this one night, its freaky, watch the slide show.....
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