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fao john dillinger

Posted by jbwelda 
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fao john dillinger
April 04, 2005 04:13AM
did you say the rastafarians were reuniting for your dreadstock thing later this year? is that true?

seems you buried the announcement down in some obscure thread having nothing to do with the rastafarians nor dreadstock, so i was just wondering if it was an april fools joke or for real?

one love
jah bill
Re: fao john dillinger
April 04, 2005 07:24AM
jah bill,
it is april 3, 2005 as i write this, so no april fools going on...

we must keep supporting and spending our money, providing our resources and generating life and love with the SIERRA NEVADA WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL, REGGAE ON THE RIVER, HEALTH AND HARMONY, EARTHDANCE, REGGAE IN THE PARK AND DREADSTOCK...
this is our natural resources, we must maintain and perpetuate, the RASTAFARIANS are feeling me on this point and many others...
one love to HAILE MASKEL and the RASTAFARIANS....
and jah bill, you always find the diamonds sparkling in the sand bro'...

sincere and respect, john dillinger
Re: fao john dillinger
April 05, 2005 08:08AM
So I hear...Yowza called me & asked if I was down 4 it...hopefully every likkle ting can be finalized... your points on support of the music are very well taken. Volunteer energy is also a must! but...

...if you're the 'John' @ Dreadstock whom I've been attempting to contact via email and phone for well over a year, it would be polite and decent of you to respond at least once before Dreadstock '05. If you're not that person, my sincere apologies. All I know is Africamix Al gave me a phone # for one "John" back in Feb. '04 and a dozen calls and even more emails have gone unanswered. I mean, if you don't answer a toll free # (that's not a telemarketer) you must want very badly NOT to return a call. Just sayin'...
jb welda
Re: fao john dillinger
April 05, 2005 03:53PM
>diamonds sparkling in the sand

tower of power?

peer old school stylee

nuff respect john dillinger!

one love
jah bill
Re: fao john dillinger
April 05, 2005 04:02PM
Hey Stamina, it was the number I was given,
I might have a newer # for JD so email me or call me
hope to see ya soon
going to any No Cal shows soon???
Bobolink festival for me on April 22-23 in Belden(Chico to Quincy) Ill be on Sat. afternoon main stage so come on out ALL NIGHT JAM SESSIONS till the sun comes up!!!! SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: fao john dillinger
April 05, 2005 04:34PM
Thanks Al, I'll drop you a personal e-mail...
never heard of that festival, is it for Bobos to link up??
Re: fao john dillinger
April 05, 2005 05:06PM
Yea all bobo's can link up
bobolinkmusic.org ( jam band based fest)
Re: fao john dillinger
April 05, 2005 05:18PM
Bobolink productions is out of Chico. Z is the front man for the company. He used to be the world music coordinator at Chico State and brought nuff top-notch performers our way when the scene was happening here. He's been hitting up the jam band scene since he left Chico State, his first show on his own was String Cheese at the Fairgrounds. Now he's got an exclusive at a venue here in town, small but quaint. Respect to Bobolink for sure!

Ever Forward
john dillinger
Re: fao john dillinger
April 06, 2005 10:34AM
i am john dillinger of dreadstock, hit me at 707-246-8226, many times if i dont recognize the number, i dont pick up but for no dis reasons, leave a message with number and i will call back, or e-mail at john_svc@hotmail.com
looking forward, and jahbill, tower of power-east bay grease big dog, flute solo and all into the trumpet, much like gil scott's winter in america solo...
one love,
john D
Re: fao john dillinger
April 07, 2005 12:25AM
worlda thanks, JD, I'll call the I more time.
Re: fao john dillinger
April 07, 2005 12:35AM
"Delta Nove", Bobolink .. Check emm...