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Opinions on these King Tubby digital 45s

Posted by BMC 
Opinions on these King Tubby digital 45s
April 04, 2005 07:01PM
Someone has offered me these for sale. It are all JA-originals. I only know some of them, but this is the whole list anyhow. Opinions and recommendations on these tunes are more than welcome.

Label: Firehouse
Lilly Melody - How you pretty so / version
Lilly Melody - Older than me / version
Anthony Red Rose - No touch the nine / version
Anthony Red Rose - Can`t knock me / version
Banana Man & Junie Ranks - Give them bun / version
Little John - A we rule / version
Lady Junie - Jamaican man / version
Wayne Palmer - Suzie / version

Label: Waterhouse
Little John - Tickle me / version
Little John - Hello Josephine / version
Lady Junie - Nah get punanie / version
Sugar Minott - Hard time rock / version
Courtney Melody - Loving woman / version
Bunny General - Monkey man / version
Louie Culture & Wayne Ranks - Rat a badda me / version
King Everald - Beat that sound / version
Don Angelo - Lean on me / version

Label: Taurus
Courtney Melody - Tell them / version
Papa San - Ghetto living / version
Singing Melody - Three times a lady / version
Little John - Fade away / version
Skull Man - Run out a luck / version
Super Barry - Penis too sweet / version
Frankie Wilmot - My sound / version
Derrick Irie - Hard fi go on / version
Bunny General - Goat rider / version
King Everald - Special / version
Banana Man - Jump and spread out / version
Pad Anthony - Mi no in a it / version
Red Dragon - Canter mi horse / version

Label: Kingston 11
Don Carlos - Play girl / version
Phantom - Stylee / version
Wayne Smith - Miss do it sweet / version

Label: Peego
Super Black - Hand a scratch me / version

Label: Phantom
Fuzzie Jones & Beenie Don - Fallow me go preach / version

Label: The Crew
Wicker Man - Man in a baggy / version

What are THE ones to get in your opinion. A few already on my list are Little John - A we rule / version, Little John - Fade away / version, King Everald - Special / version, Pad Anthony - Mi no in a it / version, Phantom - Stylee / version.

Many thanks in advance for all tips and info!

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