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Toots @ Venue of Scottsdale(AZ.)

Posted by Jahmeek 
Toots @ Venue of Scottsdale(AZ.)
April 04, 2005 11:32PM
YES i*> got a free ticket from sour mash dem self 'Jack Daniel's'. funny ting iz babywrong didnt even show dem face just drop sum stubs by stage side,ya kno.
but anywayz, any reveiws of recent cali shows, ect. & what to expect?
>give ya full reveiw innah couple dehz zeen for the SNWMF schedule.......
Re: Toots @ Venue of Scottsdale(AZ.)
April 07, 2005 04:03AM
>yes toots kept it going* crowd was happy & band was tight. i* must mention the two female back-up singers & band were solid! after intro he waz looking tuff in his leather vest & knocked knuckles with every1 innah crowd front stage area. he also paused for a brief word quote " RasTafari know!" and who ever said Toots didnt have his morels rite or waz naht a ras was a little misleading. those vibes cant lie* i* have not seen him play innah few years & not much has changed. still full of energy. alot of people his age dun kno how he still does it(alot of talk pon area). but i* can C' him heathly & very blessed! also the sound was tight. and im talkin' about a venue dat pretty much always souN's ruff do to real bad accoustics in the the dome like(standing room only) hall. it barley effected his voice cause him have a good soundboard mon on the tour i* would seh! i* would also like to mention he looks 2B innah good shape for this years SNWMF 2005 show but dont expect any surprise's to much just those BIG hits iNi ALL know* nuff RASpects to Toots & Maytels! BIG up >forward^
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