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Pop up Campers

Posted by Pale Ryder 
Pale Ryder
Pop up Campers
April 21, 2004 05:49PM
Does anyone know if pop up campers/trailors are considered RV's when paying for camping? If anyone could spread some knowledge on this subject it would be much appreciated, raspect!!
Re: Pop up Campers
April 21, 2004 06:19PM
I know pop up's are not considered RV.. but a trailor, I don't know..
Re: Pop up Campers
April 22, 2004 12:10AM
Yeah, I know what your talking about Pale, I call them "Tent Trailers". When I was a kid I remember people calling them Big Macs, but I don't remember why.....
Re: Pop up Campers
April 22, 2004 04:36PM
Hmm, Forward, are you and your crew Camping or RV'ing?
And how many people in your group?

Happy Trails
Re: Pop up Campers
April 22, 2004 05:15PM
I was going to rent a pop-up trailer for the show. There are really small but have a sink and can fit up to four people comfortably. I ended up buying a large tent and inflatable mattress from Target. Ended up being cheaper in the long run.
I was wondering if they are considered RVs or not though.
Re: Pop up Campers
April 24, 2004 08:37AM
four, and as for me I'm camping.
Re: Pop up Campers
May 06, 2004 01:27PM
I am interested in purchasing a pup for my family and plan on having it for three to five years. What is a good quality brand of pop up and why. Does one manufacture hold there value better than another and finally what brands or models should be avoided..
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