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where's the love for Fermin Muguruza?

Posted by Razzia 
where's the love for Fermin Muguruza?
April 23, 2004 08:05AM
Fermin's website says they have'nt received their visas yet. i don't know how often it's updated though. anybody know?

yall check out this site too: www.radiochango.com
jb welda
Re: where's the love for Fermin Muguruza?
April 23, 2004 03:57PM
i think he has cleared and is all ready for his performance.

one love
jah bill
Re: where's the love for Fermin Muguruza?
April 26, 2004 04:17AM
*CONCERT PROHIBITIONS for Fermin Muguruza*
! Just now the spanish band "08001" cancelled their concert in Madrid to show solidarity to
Fermin Muguruza and to claim freedom of expression !
The probably most well-known basque rock singer Fermin Muguruza suffers from concert
prohibitions. Also appearances of the new formation Fermin Muguruza Kontrabanda are
forbidden. Thus one witnesses the same scenes like last year, when he was touring with
Manu Chao.
Already before the shows in Valencia and Borriana (Castellon) were called off, it came to
incidents. The official reason, which the organizer in Valencia mentioned, were threats of
neo-fascist groups. One could reckon with encroachments because of demonstrations. But
instead of forbidding the demos of the fascists, the concerts were obstructed. Even more rude and more obvious was the situation in Borriano. First the organizers of the Sala Duende had stood held to the pressure. Then they were ordered to the Guardia civil and the mayor threatened with closing the restaurant, if the concert took place.
In the meantime the concerts in the Spanish capital Madrid planned on 28 and 29 January
have been cancelled. This is also tragic, because they are part of an action week for the
zapatistic resistance in Mexico. Last weekend a concert of the basque groups of Berri Txarrak and Leihotikan was already suspended in the Spanish capital. Already before the concerts in Valencia and Madrid were refused, it had come to incidents outside of the Basque country. Thus the socialist regional government of Andalusia had put pressure on the organizers in Cordoba to cancel the concert. But with support of the city administration the sold out concert took place without incidents. Same situation in Merida in Extremadura where in spite of the regional government having put pressure on the organizers, the concert could take place. 12 persons, including civil policemen, demonstrated against the concert and were protected by 30 policemen. For years the governing conservative people's party (PP) and the organization „victims of terror" (AVT) proceed against basque groups. AVT sued Muguruza, Su Ta Gar and Soziedad Alkoholika, because they „called out for terrorism". Muguruza called the basque separatist- organisation ETA to ceasefire, but his commitment for the rights of the political prisoners and against torture is still regarded as a provocation. Even more as he ran for parties of the left basque movement of independence. The attack of the nationally organized death squadron (GAL) in the hotel Monbar left its mark on the ex-front man of Kortatu and Negu Gorriak. During this incident in the middle of the 80's, three basque persons living in exile in Southern France were murdered, Muguruza was present. Already last year 400 artists and intellectuals had turned against the prohibitions. In a communist manifesto, which was signed also by Carlo Taibo, Ignacio Ramonet and Vázquez Montalbán, was written: „The suspension of concerts and the black tide of lies and wrong accusations in some medias are bad news, an attack on culture, the common sense, injustice". Muguruza announced, he would continue his tour. In February he will reach France, Switzerland and Germany, where the first concert takes place on February 11th in Munich. The following day he will be in Berlin.
Whoever wants to experience a powerful concert lasting several hours should make sure to be present. 12 great musicians from all over the world will be playing with ease all directions from Salsa to Ska and from Dub to hard core.
For an interview-request, please get back to records@piranha.de.

Re: where's the love for Fermin Muguruza?
May 01, 2004 05:58AM
Communication nº019
Spring 2004. March 21st. Newroz.

Hi everyone:
As my last setter was from the first show flakes of winter, this one is from the blossoms of spring. Although it was through other means of communication that you followed the ongoing of the declarations that I made, as a consequence of this avalanche of events during the tour, it was the guys at the label Metak who were able to update the “News” section. Nevertheless, you now have me to tell you the latest moves.

1. Agur PP (Goodbye PP): Yes my friends, the machinery of lies and deceit, responsible for hatred and confrontations, this inquisitional machinery of deliberate attacks on culture and freedom of expression has been defeated, and as a consequence we were able to say goodbye to the arrogant neofascism that had criminalized the people who are in favour of dialogue to bring conflicts to a resolution. Even though it is only for a moment, we now breathe deeply and we carry on insisting on the necessity for active democracy confronting scepticism, but through our persistence over the times, the impossible becomes reality through day to day work. I found a text from Santiago Alba Rico with which I can identify and that you can read:
“To breathe with relief and take courage” (ESP)

2. “KOMUNIKAZIOA TOUR”: We find ourselves submerged in full activity of elaborating the new calendar of concerts that makes up the 2nd part of the “Komunikazioa Tour”, and as you can now see in the “Live” section, we will be on the road until mid-august. We will update this dates in the coming weeks. We are still having difficulties confirming the concert in Madrid, but I want you to be the first to know that we are aiming for May 22nd, as much as possible. What I can confirm to you now is that we will be in Argentina, Japan and in the all too famous Roskilde Festival in Denmark. On the other hand, and although we have been announced at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in San Francisco (www.snwmf.com) together with Femi Kuti, Gentleman, Burning Spear, Michael Franti, Horace Andy and Israel Vibration from the US government to give the appropriate visas to enter the country.

3. LIVE ALBUM: To answer the numerous questions on that subject (as I have not answered any of the others, I hope you will understand), I have to recognize that the all band of Kontrabanda, we are seriously considering releasing a live album for the end of May of this year using a recording done during one of the concerts from the first part of the “Komunikazioa Tour”. Guess which concert I am referring to? Watch this space.

4. PHOTOGRAPHIC DOCUMENTARY: As I have done it before with the project “Jai Alai Katumbi Express”, this Friday March 26th, I will place in the “Pictures” section the photographic documentary of the first part of the “Komunikazioa Tour”.
Hopefully, I will see you soon.

Fermin Muguruza
Re: where's the love for Fermin Muguruza?
May 30, 2004 06:51AM
An earlier communique from Fermin:

Hi Lads:
The new tour “Komunikazioa Tour” has already started. After the concerts of September 28th in Artozki (info and pictures at www.euskalherria.indymedia.org) and November 22nd in the saharawi refugees camps of Tinduf, Algeria (info at www.festivalsahara.com), on November 27th and 28th, we presented the official launch of the tour in the concert hall Pagoa of Oiartzun.

Unfortunately and in spite of being a chronicle foretold of a difficult tour, I have to assure you that we have tried it with perseverance but in this “trap democracy” which turn the Basques and dissidents into guilty persons until the opposite has not been proven, the persecution that we suffer, those who are away from the only thought imposed by the Partido Popular, has reached its goal by cancelling several concerts that we were about to give in the next year 2004 in the Spanish state.

The first concert that we should have given at the beginning of the next year in the “Festival Actual” of Logroño was cancelled due to the censorship of the City Hall of this town. As well and despite our efforts, we could not visit Asturias and Murcia. In Andalusia, we will only give one concert in Cordoba, in Extremadura in Merida and in Aragon in Huesca, after the last minute cancellation of the concert which was already announced in Saragossa. The 4 concerts that we have thought to give in Galicia, are only just 2 now and the difficulty to find a concert hall in Madrid which will dare to program us, is solved by the double concert in the concert hall Caracol.

In this section and in the LIVE section, will appear the new dates as well as the different changes which could happen.
Once again, I would like to thank you for your solidarity, the protection shell and your collaboration will that a lot of persons, groups and social movements have offered us, wishing to meet you soon.

And at last but not the least, to answer the avalanche of questions I have been receiving after an interview for Euskadi Irratia, I confirm you that the answer is yes: this tour will be the last one but it does not mean that I am going to leave the music because as I already said long time ago, I am made of songs so every time there will be something that makes me shudder, there will be my manifest about life.

Big Hugs:
Fermin Muguruza

Re: where's the love for Fermin Muguruza?
May 31, 2004 09:27PM
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