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CULTURE pleeezee!!!

Posted by lulu 
CULTURE pleeezee!!!
February 01, 2004 06:23AM
I'm praying that JahHill/Culture makes another amazing performance. tell me it is so?
Re: CULTURE pleeezee!!!
February 03, 2004 06:21PM
Well, Joseph can stand on stage w/ ANYONE in this music----I remember a few years ago in Long Beach comparing his performance to a flabby Bunny Wailer show, and y'know Culture just SMOKED Bunny.

Another thang---Joseph Hill could probably come w/ 10 SETS OF MUSIC comprised on songs he's written, not repeat one number, and any one of those sets would
be worth hearing. True.
February 11, 2004 05:24AM
so true..and i've seen him do it at least 20 shows! nothing compares and no one is more under rated....Guess Jah blesses us with a love for JaHill. lulu
b nyze
Re: CULTURE pleeezee!!!
March 03, 2004 01:37AM
yes,yes,yes....he would be a crucial addition to dis crucial line-up.
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