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Brad's Record Den

Posted by Nestor 
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Brad's Record Den
April 28, 2004 03:02AM
Does anyone know who's responsible for reissues of Clocktower Records releases that are distributed in the US by an outfit known as Brad's Record Den? I've bought two LPs and they are of awful quality--Blackboard Jungle Dub (Perry) and a compilation of tracks from several different King Tubby LPs. The albums were obviously mastered from other LPs and have all sorts of surface noise, uneven speeds, off-centered holes, etc. Has anyone else ever run accross Brad's before? And if you haven't, stay away. Check the back cover to make sure--they're not worth it.
solid rock
Re: Brad's Record Den
April 28, 2004 04:39PM

Brad Osbourne was a NY/Canada-based producer and occasional player who is often credited for production of a number of tunes associated Bunny Lee riddims and productions. original Clocktower business is tough and will have good sound... Brad was legit for sure.

in recent years (after Brad was shot and killed, i believe in his shop) the reissue personage known as Abraham -- also known for piracy suspicions -- co-opted a range of recordings that had been issues under Mr Osbourne's imprint. these are the ones that suck.
Re: Brad's Record Den
April 28, 2004 05:29PM
Sounds like a comic strip.
Re: Brad's Record Den
April 28, 2004 05:34PM
ABRAHAM THE PIRATE/or as the lyric say, 'OLD PIRATES ROB I...'

---'nuff artists can honestly sing about him as one who robs. Hell, sometimes what he bootlegs don't even run at the right speed. Brad printed enough stuff up here in the states that there's plenty floating around....good pressings too.

If there's a hell for unprincipled bootleggers who live in Canada, Abraham must burn.