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SNWMF 2004 Top 10

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SNWMF 2004 Top 10
April 30, 2004 04:09PM

1. Downbeat in the dance -- Friday night kickoff

2. Being there and sharing it with friends

3. Alton Ellis -- one of the true, true greats

4 Beres Hammond -- as time will reveal: another one of the true, true greats

5. [Tied] Don Carlos, Marcia Griffiths, Horace Andy, Winston Jarrett, Linval

6. The Gyros guy

7. All the once-yearly connections

8. Hearing fresh tunes on the sound system

9. Hearing orignal killers on the sound system

10. The fresh orange juice booth up on the ridge (next to the dancehall)

feel free to post your own Top 10

49 days to go...
Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
April 30, 2004 04:24PM
SNWMF Top 10

1 - Acacia
2 - Da Board
3 - Beres, the man who got me in to reggae and continues to be outstanding.
4 - Horace Andy
5 - Campground Sound Systems
6 - Linval Thompson
7 - Clinton Fearon
8 - Don Carlos
9 - Dezarie
10 - The Intro whoop's and holla's on opening night. You know, when someone starts a WOO HOOO and everyone else joins in till the whole campgroup feel dem vibes.
Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
April 30, 2004 05:24PM

Oops, said that out loud and now the whole office is chiming in. Vibes is flowin.
Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
April 30, 2004 05:30PM

yeah nice one b-n-c

that kicks ass.. it's when it really sets in that you're ~THERE~

Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
April 30, 2004 10:16PM
1.) Midnite ... and that includes St. Croix massive; the Empress Dezarie, Sabbattical Ahdah and Ikahba
2.) the gathering of InI RasTafari from all over to dwell together in INITY
3.) the sun
4.) The camp sites that hold the vibes - - - BINGHI is a MUST
5.) So many calling on the name of the Most High JAH RasTafarI and giving thanks and praise
6.) The youths and the families
7.) the vendors bringing the Ital
8.) the vendors bringing the conscious products
9.) Beres! yesss... blessssseedd
10.) all other artists coming to share the vibes, that includes sound systems!
Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
May 01, 2004 04:54AM
1 - Downbeat (words cannot explain)
2 - my first SNWMF experience
3 - Alton Ellis (perhaps my only chance to see this legend)
4 - Beres & Marcia (can't get enough)
5 - Horacy Andy
6 - Don Carlos
7 - Linval Thompson
8 - Femi Kuti (perhaps my Jamaican-artist bias has gotten in the way of checking out this much-touted performer)
9 - Stone Love (a shadow of what they once were, but still...)
10 - Being away from the grind of labor for 4 days

Honorable mention - the fact I was just offered two FREE passes to get in
Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
May 01, 2004 04:23PM
1. Meeting and greeting old and new friends

2. Checking out and sight-seeing the Gold Country(Thursday)

3. Excitement and energy of Friday's camp setup and festival kickoff.

4. Grilled Salmon for dinner

5. Late Friday night dancehall bashment

6. Shopping for crafts, rollin' papers, etc.

7. Shopping for the CD cutouts...

8. Checking for boom tunes on the big stage sound system
(pump up de volume, please)

9. More food and beer...then more beer and food

10. Checking out all the great musical artists, both old and new
Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
May 01, 2004 07:19PM
1. Grassy, shady camp spot, close to the music.

2. The red barn

3. Vendors, ohhh, the vendors!!!

4. The hilarious stories from the volunteers and staff after and during the show.

5. Yoga in the mornings.

6. Eating fresh crab with Katie. (And the yummy food from Katie!!!)

7. Pacifico, I think it was Pacifico, on tap.

8. The sunsets.

9. The annual homecoming.

10. Buju, Gregory, Sister Carol, Ex-centric, I-Vibes, and many more...

11. I have to put this in because it was one of the coolest things I have seen at a reggae fest. Remember Marysville? The Vert Ramp!!! Watching those guys do their thing was a major plus!!!

Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
May 27, 2004 04:43PM

1. Downbeat ramming x-amount of Studio One like never heard before

+ Mighty Diamonds
Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
May 27, 2004 06:55PM
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
El Gran Silencio
Don Carlos & Beres
tie, the RED BARN!!!
and Heart,Life and Soul backing me up this year
Poetry Hour on Sat. morning

Here we go
Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
May 27, 2004 08:28PM
1. AfroBeat: Antibalas and Femi, son of the apocalyptic Fela

2. Jumbo soy dogs at the Casbah Tea House

3. RadioActive from Spearhead beat boxing

4. Counting the number of Bob Marley T-shirts

5. The Dance Hall being too loud- just the way I likes it

6. Sipping beer every time I here the word irie

7. The toughest dilemma being, "reggae or world beat?"

8. The Illuminated Fools latests puppets

9. Linval Thompson & Alton Elis

10. Hemp food
Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
May 27, 2004 09:01PM
Mmmmmm...soy dogs....
Re: SNWMF 2004 Top 10
May 29, 2004 01:12AM
Anyone who hasnt seen Femi perform DONT MISS IT! Even if your going mostly to see the reggae artists, trust me......dont miss him. His performances are incredibly lively and really fun to get into. I saw some posts above putting him down in their lists but some didnt. And if its because your not familiar with, or havent been impressed much by his recorded work, trust me his performance(if all goes well) will go off!

Dont Sleep!

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