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Posted by Sis April 
April 30, 2004 10:37PM
Greetings in Blessed Love,

Any Chico area bredren or sistren about? Let InI gather!!!!!
- Sis April Joseph
Pale Ryder
Re: Chico
May 03, 2004 06:58PM
Got some friends up there, but havent been in a while, are you gonna make it to the fest?
Re: Chico
May 03, 2004 10:08PM
Yes I,

the school bus will be leaving out of chico for snwmf on thursday morning EARLY----
riders welcome
Blessed Heart of Love in HIM......
Re: Chico
May 03, 2004 10:52PM
Hello Sis April - I am up the ridge in Paradise - and also plan on leaving Thusrday morning and camping out at the New Melones that night. I think I am going to Merced to grab a friend first, but not 100% yet. Either way we should hook it up - I need some more drummers Thur.s night to get the irie vibes flowing!

Thanks and Praises!
Re: Chico
May 04, 2004 02:54PM
How irie to be linking up with the I.....I grew up in Merced. Who you picking up???
I bet we know all the same folks....
And we are all drummers. Some family from Merced are coming to snwmf with us and he is one of the most crucial drummers I've met (Michael Stefani)
Give a an email at davispraisehim@yahoo.com so we can link up soon. We're new to town and want to find some good family...
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