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determine in berkeley

Posted by rootsmon 
determine in berkeley
May 01, 2004 03:42AM
did any one see that show?
Re: determine in berkeley
May 01, 2004 05:02AM
I was planning to go (even mentioned it on this board) but was too weary and didn't feel like going back out in the rain that night. Did you go and if so how was it?

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Re: determine in berkeley
May 02, 2004 05:50PM
no, working.
Re: determine in berkeley
May 05, 2004 12:31AM
Yes, I was there and Determine brought the postivie, pure, strong energy that you thought he would. He was a little horse from having just finished shows in Europe, but it did not hinder his strength. He wanted the crowd to feel him and adjusted his levels to work with ours.
The crowd was just right, not too many, not too little. We didn't leave until the lights came up and security had to kick us out.


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empress paige
Re: determine in berkeley
May 05, 2004 03:34AM
Were you at the same show I was at? No offense but I'm bummed I wasted my money. He barely finished one tune, his voice seemed fine, his backup; however, did not.
Ganja Money
Re: determine in berkeley
May 06, 2004 11:10PM
Yeah Big Show!!!! Big up the Shaka Zulu Determine, he was on point for being so tired and sick(he had a cough). And big up Smokey for bringing it together!
It was also the 2 year anniversary. All the selectors in the place were blazin!
Big up Jah Warrior Shelter for bustin' the place on the late night!
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