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Posted by Mel 
May 01, 2004 11:31PM
What’s parking like at the festival ? I’m just coming up for the Saturday show. Lots on-sight? Shuttles? How much?
Re: Parking?
May 02, 2004 01:19AM
There will be one day parking available for one day ticket holders, located near the front gate. Might require a little walking but there should be enough parking unless the festival sells out. If it sells out, there is a shuttle that runs into Angels Camp every hour.
Re: Parking?
May 03, 2004 06:12PM
Yes there will be day parking available. In addition to your ticket you will neeed to purchase a day parking pass to display in your window.
Re: Parking?
May 04, 2004 12:30AM
There is day parking at the front gate available for $10.00 per day.
The only drawback is that you have to leave the before 1am.
So no late night shows for all the three day pass customers that are not
camping. That is the only downfall for SNWMF.
Much Respect
Re: Parking?
May 04, 2004 01:02AM
Yes that is the only way for us to not have people park there cars in day parking then go camp with theier friends all wekend without paying the camping fee.

Can always pay to camp if you want to stay.
Re: Parking?
May 04, 2004 03:22PM
Just wanted to let you all know that I was wrong about the shuttle thing. It runs from Sat & Sun 9am-1pm, not every hour on the hour. Just so you know...

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