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Top Dub out now

Posted by Ninjacat 
Top Dub out now
May 19, 2005 10:00PM
Who ar eth ranking masters right now, I am behind in my knowledge of this genre
Re: Top Dub out now
May 20, 2005 05:15AM
Iration Steppas...as far as their sheer brutality. But in my humble opinion....The Shanti-Ites(Aba Shanti-I). Blood Shanti's drumwork is truly incredible. Jah Tubby's getting better and better, not as if they weren't always the best. Conscious Sounds, Jah Warrior, for real, and who could forget the Mighty Disciples. Too many heavyweights to call one the top, but these guys are all on top with many, many more comin up. Top dub(tune) out now?.....lastest and greatest?........"Deh Inna De Lion's Den" Dubkasm & Iration Steppas. Ernie had em for about 5 minutes. and gone. Respect.
Re: Top Dub out now
May 21, 2005 11:07PM
It's truly sad how no one is biggin' up the dub. :0( Yet another dry post on the subject.
Re: Top Dub out now
May 23, 2005 11:18AM
nah dry post :0

iration steppas, moment them crunk kids start figuring out the hi hat arrangments on this stlyle a dub, hip hop will be in a forever new domain, til then reggae music is forwarded by new dub foundations ala irations steppers and fred locks enemies shaka 12 inch inna midnight dread soundsystem style meets sugar minott and the black roots players meets scientist and the mad professor with his wild bunch and king tubby...
for real, listen to ludacris drunk in the bathrrom where the door drowns out the vocals and music on top, feel the riddm and know that them southern kids aint doin nuthin but dub...
one love, john dillinger dreadstock2005
Re: Top Dub out now
May 23, 2005 02:13PM
So, I notice a lack of any interest in Dub Syndicate in these parts. I'm always
able to find enjoyment from their releases, and the shows I've seen are certainly
Dub Productions that(to borrow the AACM's slogan), Ancient To The Future.
Their latest release is sweet to my ears, w/ great vocal shots from Cornell Campbell,
Jr. Reid, and the strongest track from Gregory I've heard inna long long time.

Or, as a promotor once announced, "Over Hills Valleys And Oceans, Here Comes Another Stoned Immaculate Promotion'.
jb welda
Re: Top Dub out now
May 23, 2005 03:50PM
i enjoy adrian sherwood productions a lot myself; somehow he manages to keep the reggae flavor in there which is something too many of these uk "dub" producers let slip away. my favorite at the moment is ghetto priests "vulture culture"...some industrial noise in there but 80% kick ass 21st century reggae dub sounds.

always liked twilight dub circus' stuff too, ryan keeps the crucial vibes flowing everytime.

one love
jah bill
Re: Top Dub out now
May 23, 2005 05:07PM
Yessuh, truly loved the job Sherwood did on that Bim Sherman LP
'Haunting Ground' , a good definition of a forward-sounding set that's
still most rootsical. True, some of the English(& others) lean more to
having rekkuds that are indeed 'dubby' in the mix but(if for no other reason than the BPM they work at)are more just house music.
Re: Top Dub out now
May 23, 2005 10:24PM
"War of Words" is one of my fav On-U productions, but I love the older Dub Syndicate lps too, like.....Pounding System, Tunes from the Missing Channel, North of the River Thames. Serious and light years ahead.

Still trying to get the 10"......"Each Breath I Take"/ ?. The title on the flip escapes me. Both tunes from "Fear of a Green Planet". JB....remember me asking you about that one?

Re: Top Dub out now
May 23, 2005 10:27PM
John Dillinger- On the hip-hop thing.......I'm pretty sure "Blo Job Betty" is pon "Stalag 17". It could be another Too Short cut I'm thinking of, but I think that's it. On the real....Link me bro.
Re: Top Dub out now
May 23, 2005 10:45PM
Here is a list of the chunes on Fear of a Green Planet

Dubbing Is A Must
Sizzle Bud
Each Breath I Take
Hey Geoff
Higher Then High
Health Food
Greater David
Not A Word
Wake Up

Hope that helps...
Re: Top Dub out now
May 24, 2005 01:41AM
I believe "Higher Than High" is on the flip of the 10". Both wicked tunes, but my favorite on that album has got to be "Emmanuel" or "Dubbing is a Must", which I think is a rework of the Pablo Moses tune. Or at least very similar(bassline).
aba shanti i ?
February 08, 2006 08:39PM
any here lyk aba shanti i's soundsystem,one of da best vibes i eva get from his tracks
Kel-I Bubbler
Re: Top Dub out now
February 09, 2006 12:28AM
Who played guitar on Fear of a Green Planet? Vince Black?
Re: Top Dub out now
February 09, 2006 07:21PM
Skip McDonald, Dalton Brownie, and Vincent Black.

Re: Top Dub out now
February 09, 2006 07:41PM
Dry And Heavy is tops.
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