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OT: muse - the 89th key

Posted by bun n cheese 
OT: muse - the 89th key
May 05, 2004 02:07AM
message boards are not unlike music...
the tones and influctions in words
dictate the rhythm and tenor
of the vibes.

we are asked to
"be respectful of others and refrain from offensive posts, flaming or discussions of illegal activities"
to me this means to play in key, keep a positive message, and stay in time.

and please dont talk about the 89th key on the piano. it doesnt exist.

it is nice to be off work. cheers!
Re: OT: muse - the 89th key
May 05, 2004 03:47AM
salud bnc(with my hefeweizen with extra lemon) one love-juan love
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