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If this is so....

Posted by norcaljahman 
If this is so....
February 05, 2004 06:41PM
If the rumors are true and Michael Rose is going to rejoin Black Uhuru then they are a must for the festival.. Here is the info that was sent my way from fourtwentyplenty.....

Michael Rose returns to Black Uhuru

Howard Campbell, Observer writer Wednesday, February 04, 2004

After a 20-year split, singer Michael Rose is set for a return to the Black
Uhuru fold. Group founder, Duckie Simpson, told the Observer yesterday
that he and Rose met recently, patched up their differences and are ready
to resume working together.

"Wi jus' link up a Stony Hill last week, bun a chalice an' talk 'bout some
music and sey wi woulda like work together again," said Simpson. He added
that an official announcement of Rose's return will be made at a press
conference to be held soon.

Rose, 48, left Black Uhuru in 1984 after a well-publicised falling-out
with Simpson; the following year Black Uhuru won the first Best Reggae
Album category at the Grammy Awards. A pumped-up Simpson says with Rose
back on board, it is bound to generate excitement among hardcore Uhuru
fans, and show promoters, abroad.

"It nah go big inna Jamaica but it a go blow up a foreign," he said.

The Grammy win was the icing on the cake for a group that had, in the eyes
of many Reggae fans, succeeded The Wailers as roots-Reggae's superstars.
With the emerging production team of Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare
at the helm, the classic Black Uhuru line-up of Simpson, Rose and American
Sandra "Puma" Jones rose from obscurity to international fame on the strength
of albums like Sinsemilla and Red, and hard-hitting songs such as General
Penitentiary, Shine Eye Gal, Plastic Smile and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

After Rose's departure, Simpson recruited Junior Reid as lead singer. He
stayed for two albums before his place was taken by Garth Dennis and Don
Carlos, who both figured in the early days of the group during the late
1960s in the Kingston community of Waterhouse.

Like Rose, Reid, Dennis and Carlos severed ties with Black Uhuru because
of differences with Simpson. Three years ago, another Waterhouse-reared
vocalist, Andrew Bees, joined the ranks; he worked on Dynasty, Uhuru's
last album, but Simpson says he has been doing "his own thing" since late
last year.

Throughout the 1990s, Black Uhuru continued to perform to enthusiastic
audiences in the United States and Europe, and earned one more Grammy nomination
after Anthem. But their post-Rose albums for the now-defunct American company,
Mesa/Bluemoon Records, lacked the fire of the records they did for Island
Records in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Rose, too, struggled to establish himself as a solo act, releasing moderately
successful albums for the American independent company, Heartbeat Records.

Cmon SNWMF, I know you guys can make this happen....


jb welda
Re: If this is so....
February 05, 2004 06:49PM
the way these things go, this may have all changed by showtime...

i was hoping mr rose would appear and would be backed by fully and would concentrate more on his great solo stuff than endless rehash of uhuru stuff...but i guess that is not to be.

whatever, even if he is back with uhuru i would welcome the appearance.

one love
jah bill
bun n cheese
Re: If this is so....
February 05, 2004 06:50PM
"It nah go big inna Jamaica but it a go blow up a foreign"

this makes me chuckle.
Re: If this is so....
February 05, 2004 08:01PM
I don't know. I have seen Michael Rose a few times and have never been that impressed. Saw him about 1-2 years ago in Chico and the performance was terrible. His voice was mediocre at best. He struggled to hit many notes. Looked very tired and disinterested. Maybe he was sick and I just saw an off night.

On the plus side his band was good. He had back up singers, horns, etc.

Would be cool to see Black Uhuru but i have always preferred Don Carlos.
Re: If this is so....
February 05, 2004 08:11PM


he actually was sick that night.
bun n cheese
Re: If this is so....
February 05, 2004 08:19PM
he was sick the first time I saw him. prolly the same tour. the next night the Wailing Souls came and mashed hit hard, so it balanced out.
Re: If this is so....
February 05, 2004 08:24PM
I thought something must have been up. He looked and sounded terrible. Respect to him for sticking it out and not cancelling.
Re: If this is so....
February 08, 2004 07:35PM
mykal has already united with black uhuru already for studio recording this is nothing new but never has toured this is true. were rumors of this unity playing out already long ago but it is not likely sly & robbie will be backing the band like old days or in the studio recording which is on the market. if it were to happen it would be massive forsure. iNi had mykal play in our home backyard, back in the spring of 1998* in Phoenix,AZ.. this was a great show backed by fullyfullwood band that has peter tosh's bass player & uhurus old time keyboard player. seen him perform countless times includeing the Phoenix reggae fest world party(which does not excist anymore). reggae on the rocks & reggae on the river & countless smaller gigs & other fests. never have i* ever felt a reason to complain about this high class artist. not to mention he shares the same earthday as one of my daughters so our vibes truley connect tight. many people have tryed to copy his style but have failed. but there are a few artists that share this sort of style including his replacement junior reid & under rated yami bolo. many rumers about duckie & i* dont like to listion to this bamba but one thing i* know forsure is without H.I.M. this band would not have come this far. also you did not mention the worx between junior reid & andrew bees from a hand full of full LP,s that struggled hard either due to many reasons. BIG up mykal rose everytime on his journey as he trods on conquiring great obticles such as a cannabis charge they try to bring up after years of dust collecting & someone else useing his identity when he first went solo. leaveing people that did not catch on wondering who is the real mykal. will that got cleared up & he changed his name back to original spelling aswell which everybody knows cause's confussion to a established career. i* personley think all his heartbeat stuff sounded great with original music. also his first ever solo release on VP backed by fire house crew was very under rated including a hot jungle version that freaked out many that dont know as they were wondering what the heck is this drum & bass stuff all about. his later stuff was not catchy to i* the first time i* heard it because maybe i* was expecting something differnt but after a few plays it grew on me & others around iNi too. nuff RASpect >forward^
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