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fao daniel

Posted by jb welda 
jb welda
fao daniel
May 06, 2004 12:15AM
you could pull that other post and it wouldnt hurt my feelings. i think its a big disgrace. maybe its just me.

one love
jah bill
Re: fao daniel
May 06, 2004 12:18AM
what? thought it to be very upfull. -RASpects*
Re: fao daniel
May 06, 2004 12:31AM
hey jb with no dis-RASpect @all but dont u tink i* should the one crying here. did u see i* complain about i* name being slandered & tore apart. more fyah*
Re: fao daniel
May 06, 2004 12:33AM
I may not agree with alot of what is being said, and certainly don't condone the NEGATIVITY, INTOLORENCE and HATRED being propagated in that 'other thread', my hope is that, through RESPECTFUL reasonings, the people will be able to work through their differences and be thankful for all the GOOD things they have in common. This festival would be the first thing i would put on the list of things that binds us all together....

"The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival is dedicated to nurturing a world family peacefully united in celebration of the universal spirit of music."
Re: fao daniel
May 06, 2004 12:45AM
true daniel very true. hatz off i*mon. just wanted to let tha mazzive kno ive been able to have peace with otherz in a very pozitive style without confrontation. dis iz handled by use of RASpect when it iz due. on a board like dis where no faces can be seen people let many thingz show dat other wize would nah be a public in the flesh action. boundries & differances are managed by the RASpect for border lines. tribes did it for thousandz of yearz before someone come along & try to spearhead to peoples problems. sure dar were alwayz savage but iNi can sure to come clear dat rasta'z do nah act in dis manner. dey just strong hold beleifz dat are the cornerstone of forward life* small axe-the Wailers*
Re: fao daniel
May 06, 2004 03:12AM
We must reason with respect and stop all the name calling. If a "confrontation" occurs during a protest what is the result? If one group see the other as only "Them" and vice versa...then the result is an increase in polarization and distance between them. Each returns to it's headquarters (or in this case keyboards) and plans an increase in it's own strength to overcome "Them"
Why does the distance increase? Because nobody wants to be "Them", Everyone wants to be "Us" (or as far as rasta lingo "I"winking smiley And if you meet someone who sees you as "Him" or "One of Them" that meeting arouses in you all your paranoia and you in turn see the other person as "Him" or "One of Them"
Such cycles get worse and worse until there is another (sometimes violent) confrontation. What is the conscious alternative?
It is not to avoid protest or confrontation. Rather it is for the participants to be more "conscious" And what does that mean?
It means that though you may protest an act, against someone or some group, realize that behind the ways in which you differ, you are the same. That is, you understand protest as a form of social communication among "US"! ...and that where it counts there is only I an I an I an I, seen? It includes black and white, young and old, gay and straight, man and woman, Isreali and Palistinian, rich and poor etc.
So the simple rule is:
You may disagree with all of their values, but behind all of them...Here We Are....all manifestations of the spirit.
And as I said before I don't agree with homosexuality or sexual immorality but I always remember when when Christ saved the prostitutes life by saying "He who is without sin cast the first stone" which puts us all on a level playing field.
Thus, I believe that everyone should just work on themselves in Jah sight, in order to meditate to find the center where "we all are" within himself , so then we can meet with others in that same place and reason without name calling, then we decrease polarization and increase the unity we all share, and Forward the Kingdom of JAH!!!
Re: fao daniel
May 06, 2004 03:52AM
so now what forward? i* remember a few yearz back when a somebody tryed to start a gay rasta group on yahoo. iz dis just shamless or what? iz dis tha kind of future iNi should look forward to? most sadley not. JAH come nock down dem babywrong towerz everytime. and if he needz sum help pon mother earth i* stand guard protecting the very foundation of life. go mek a gay reggae fest i* say to ya sex drive & c' what kind of support iNi give. i* nah hate i* brother. i* for one beleive a change iz in order datz all. i* nah chat about hanging tree & no killing spree like sum more extrem clots cross into. but the logic must get trampled again just like history has shown iNi in our rootz az time repeats itself in dis crucial event. keep the concious message clear that iNi do have morelz. and when u give up an inch dem try for the mile. keep theological virtue to yourself & ill be sure nah to visit any gay barz, ect.. -RASpects+
Re: fao daniel
May 06, 2004 04:00AM
all shall see the truth one day....nurture the Kingdom with love but never give up your morals or values.
Re: fao daniel
May 06, 2004 04:04AM
truth n' rootz*
Re: fao daniel
May 06, 2004 04:24AM
Come on Jahmeek. Give it a rest already. I'm with Jah Bill on this one. E-mail me Jah Bill I have a question.
Re: fao daniel
May 06, 2004 04:28AM
old yeller! -RAspects+
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