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Thank You

Posted by niceup 
Thank You
May 07, 2004 07:34PM
Thank you to all of you wonderful people that make SNWMF the amazing, positive experience that it is. We are truly blessed to not only hear the crucial music at SNWMF, but also to be able to interact with so many other conscious people for a weekend. I am bringing my older sister this year and I can't for her to experience it all for the first time. I'm just glad that she has not seen much of this business on the message board lately.

It is truly amazing to me that several of you would feel more comfortable in the company of William Bennett, Newt Ginrich, and others of their like than in the company of (not a direct quote) tie-dye wearing, Americanized reggae fans. The vast majority of us American reggae fans have a great deal of respect for our fellow beings, do our best to treat others kindly regardless of their personal choices as long as these choices aren't causing others harm, and do our best to be a positive influence to those around us.

I can't understand how you all are so focused on the "evils" of homosexuality when there are many more problems that the bible rails against that have a much more detrimental effect on society, in the U.S. and JA, that I never hear you mention a word about. How about chanting down or burning fire on adultery, children out of wedlock, disrespectig women, and advocation of violence as an answer to problems. All of these problems have a tremendous detrimental effect on society and many of them are OPENLY practiced by these artists that you idolize and quote as burning down the battyman. These are much bigger social problems that deserve attention. I'd like to hear your argument that homosexuality is somehow worse than those that I have mentioned. It is shameful that you pick a part out of the bible that suits you and attack certain people you are prejudiced against. It reminds me of the above mentioned politicians who prey on peoples prejudices and fears and bash homosexuality and immorality, all the while they gamble, cheat, steal, marry several times, and commit adultery.

"Clean up your heart" indeed, or "dance a yard, before you dance abroad". Please join the rest of us and confront your fears, improve yourself, treat others as you would want to be treated, and be a force of light in this world. I wish you the best in this ongoing process, it is very fulfilling.
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 07:39PM
Amen brother!
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 08:35PM
Very good posting, niceup.
I agree with most everything you said, I suppose the main reason I did not get into those other issues is because they are not elements that will be present at a reggae festival, or at least issues we have to deal with directly.
There was a discussion recently on my "other" board regarding men who leave their children, particularly the disgusting trend of a soundman getting on the mic and saying "All men who have more than one baby mother, two hand inna di air!"
Promiscuity is also highly condoned in dancehall/reggae music, but the after-effects rarely dealt with. Even when an artist such as Anthony B makes an AIDS awareness tune, it comes off more as blaming women than taking personal responsibility.
I won't address the homosexuality issue further; since many people I only bring negativity to the board I will work on keeping such opinions to myself for now.
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 08:42PM
in the words of prezidnet brown:

Sperm Donor

I and I speak the truth and speak
It ever cause it what it will
Nuff man might vex when I talk
But it's the truth I'm talking still
Yea yea its Jah Will
Where are the fathers when you need them
Most appear like a sign and disappear like a ghost

Sperm donor new world order
Nuff a the man them and no baby father
They would rather to cross the border
Then them run away from sons and daughters

Baby mother struggling night and day
Single parent doing overtime so she can get more pay
Just to meet ends
While the father pack up and he went away
Forgot his conscience day to day more women become his prey
So I say the insemination wasn't artificial
So the child the mother have is not a test tube baby, blood natural and biological
From the line of the man and not only the lady
Fact of the matter it is practical for a father to face his responsibility


Once a man and twice a child old time proverbs say
And every little thing is only for a while
Not here to stay
So while the children are growing big and bold
Their daddy will be old and getting cold
Wish he had someone to call his own
But he ran away from home

Produced by Barry O'Hare for W.A.M. Productions
Recorded and mixed at Grove Music, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Lyrics by Fitz Cotterell & B. Hawthorne

taken from [www.jahmanipro.com]
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 09:04PM
One of my favorite Prez songs Pat
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 09:18PM
Why isn't Prez going to be at SNWMF?????
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 09:24PM
I've wondered that myself, but it's nice to have some turnover. Prez was around here a lot the last couple of years. People have probably had their fill for now.
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 09:31PM
Really????. I love seeing him perform.. Great stuff.. Did you go to that show on stockon blvd. There where like 7 of us there for the prez.
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 09:35PM
Anybody see Prezident Brown at Reggae in the Park in SF. The sound system did him no justice at all but it was awsome when he came out and sang with Steele Pulse.
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 10:02PM
prez. brown @ dreadstock! [www.dreadstock.com] itez*
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 10:03PM
Yeah he came out and sang with Steel Pulse at Sierra Nevada a couple of years ago too. I haven't seen the Prez in a while. I went to the first day of Reggae in the Park last year, but couldn't make it the next..........family commitments. I for one don't get sick of him, but others may. Just as people get tired of any artist. Something about his performance just makes me happy. He's so positive and uplifting.
jb welda
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 10:44PM
i really like prez brown and his vibe. i would like to see him back at snwmf next year. he put on a great performance despite numerous setbacks.

sisterlil, do you mean to tell me only seven people showed up at the colonial theatre to catch his show? thats pretty typical sacramento, though i guess i shouldnt talk, but i was out of town that weekend as i recall.

one love
jah bill
Re: Thank You
May 07, 2004 11:25PM
At first there was like 30 people, but the show got started so late, that people starting to leave.. I swear it was almost 10 people at the most there. It was so cool..
jb welda
Re: Thank You
May 08, 2004 12:09AM
i agree with your assessment of "cool" from the audience perspective (though thats pretty meager even for sacto) because its almost like having a private audience with the performer, but im pretty sure "cool" wasnt a term going through the prez's mind! it is wonderful though that he didnt cancel the show but instead considered the audience to be a chance, no matter how small, to spread the love a bit. i went to a black uhuru show at berkeley square one time that was a day after they finished a tour with talking heads, and it was a spur of the moment show in some really nasty weather. probably only 50 people showed up but it was the show of a lifetime...rose, puma, duckie, sly and robbie and taxi gang were just cooling out and played forever in numerous sets. im sure they would have loved to have the place ram, but they made the best of it and everybody had a great time.

then there was the time radics were going to back up gregory issacs at that dumpy omni place in oakland but he couldnt appear because of visa problems (really...he was there and came out on stage but couldnt speak into the microphone or violate his (i suppose) tourist visa). so instead the place refunded all but 10$ of peoples money and the radics held a radical dub session along with their usual warm up set. probably only about 1/4 of the people actually took them up on the offer, but it was a killer night for very cheap. another jewel.

one love
jah bill
Re: Thank You
May 08, 2004 01:04AM
now dat would have been someting pure riddim wize inna radic style. small showz are fun! it give people a chance to really experience tingz cloze up where otherwize mite nah B noted. yeh kno when it ram the crowd iz hype yeh but iNi alzo have to endure stinky sweaty people & a drunk guy here & dar trying to bring hiz brew'hah inna a plaztic cup to hiz buddy up front while spilling it on otherz all way to his destination getting people all vexxed in the bumped movement. -RASpects+
Re: Thank You
May 08, 2004 07:02PM
"First take the board out of your own eye, so that you may see clearly to remove the speck from from your bothers." - Yashua
Re: Thank You
May 08, 2004 07:19PM
SPECK: 1) a small dis-coloration or spot. 2) a very small amount 3) something marked or marred with spects 4) to produce spects on or in ->forward^
Man E. Countries
Re: Thank You
May 08, 2004 10:09PM
Matthew 7:1

These are the words of I Master.

I man hope you are clean in the truest sense in Jah sight. Since I already know the answer to this remember to humble yourself. This to me is the main problem with the culture. One man wants to put the fiya on another as if all his thoughts and deeds are in step with the King. There is only One perfection and He doesn't post on this sight so just cease with the critiques of others. Everyone of us Jah willing will get to enjoy this festival. I have heard enough about burning out the slackness. As I stated before slack is slack, but which of Us has no slackness in her or his mind body and soul. Let this one step forward to judge otherwise worry about you.
Re: Thank You
May 09, 2004 12:11PM
well maybe jah bill , prez, didn't think it was cool that only 30 people showed for the show and maybe 10 stayed, but he was a wonderful sport about it.. The show started so late he only played a 30 min. set.. But i was totally honored that he did the set and we all had a beauitful time.. I thought it was cool...
Re: Thank You
May 12, 2004 07:04PM
Live your heart! Let no one lead that does not know how.
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