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More Luv

Posted by ForwardZion 
More Luv
May 12, 2004 07:41PM
This message board has always been a refuge from Babylon for me, but lately all the sus-sus and negative vibes are starting to bring me down. Positive Vibes is what this post is about, please no ism pon dis here post. Higher Heights!!! Opinions are always great to share but it seems like most with an "opinion" lately have been coming off negatively with too much egotism. Lets break the bonds that normally seperate us in Babylon, and don't let it chain us down on dis board. Every year SNWMF gives me just the slightest glimpse of what it is like to live the the Kingdom of Jah!!! Let's forward it with only positive vibes!!!
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 04:15AM
Seen. What you been bumpin in your CD player lately?
jb welda
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 04:48AM
dub from st catherine

skanking with pablo on trojan

recordings from last years festival

earl zeros greenwich farm singles collection

jah shaka sessions

barrington levy 82 berkeley

come dance with me: alpha boys school band

tree of satta on blood and fire

rolling stones: exile on main street

that kinda stuff

one love
jah bill
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 06:56AM
"barrington levy 82 berkeley "

Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 01:52PM
"barrington levy 82 berkeley "

Was that the Reggae Sunsplash show at the Greek Jah Bill?
papa ray
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 02:11PM
1.That sweet new 2-disc set of Channel One Selection on VP(great mastering job),

2. GG's Singers Collection on Jamaica Gold(definitive version of Freddie Mckays'
'Sweet You/Sour You' w/ dub).

3. NEW PRINCE!(Just saw his latest set live and quite simply HE RULES DE

4. Sir Lee In Greenwich Farm on Jamaica Gold(rocksteady---when will SNWMF
do a proper Rocksteady Review?? The time is now,while the
singers/players/&DJS of that era still breathe)

5. MILES DAVIS/on the corner

6. BOBBY RUSH 'Folk/Funk'
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 02:26PM
I Hear you Forward, Much love and Definitly only positive vibes from here on out,
The fest is near so lets gather and hear the Music of jah people!
Everyone come togeather in light of our weather and share your cheer.
Much love and definitly positive vibes only from here on out

Happy Trails
jb welda
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 04:00PM
zellerbach auditorium, bcast on kalx daniel. found it in the back of one of roger steffens tape boxes.

one love
jah bill
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 05:48PM
Only love.. give thanks for the positive post!

Midnite and the vibes of St. Croix somehow never leave the player...
Dennis Brown - Live
some older Sizzla.. I miss those days! But I hear he's coming out with some nicer conscious tracks these days so hopefully his roaring lion phase is fading

BLESS all the positive ones on this board...
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 06:11PM
I am afraid the people did not here your message of love. Makes me worry, beause the world seems to be going nuts and purvading into one love music arena.
There is no place for there ranting here , yet they continue.
Makes me wish I could snap my finures and Jah would make them mentaly heathy.
Errie Bro, Jay
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 06:13PM
Don Carlos/The Gladiators Showdown Volume 3

Barry Brown Far East

Don Carlos- Pure Gold

Johnny Clarke - -1976 - 1978
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 06:20PM
Ikahba- Troddin'

Augustus Pablo- Last Stand

Soulution- Uplift with sound

I'm diggin' soulution more and more each day.
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 09:30PM

Papa Face
Prince Far I and the Arabs, Cry Tuff Dub Chapter 3
Joe Gibbs African Dub (chapters 1-3)
Lacksley Castell "Princess Lady" and "Morning Glory"
Voice of Progress "Mini Bus Driver"
Bush Chemists, Mungo's Hi FI, Love Grocer, Brother Culture and most of the stuff DubHead has been pressing lately.

That's what I been listening to the past couple weeks
Re: More Luv
May 13, 2004 10:45PM
i have a 12in lp-mungos hi-fi meets brother culture- its one of the tuffest lps i own.if you or any one has any more info on this- it would be nice to know. i picked it up at a local rec store ,but the guy running the shop couldnt give me any info on it except that it was shiped to him with a bunch of other lps. one love-juan love
Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 01:46AM
Juan Love,
Killer LP. Mungo's Hi-Fi is a sound system out of Scottland, DubHead label produced that record out of the UK in 2002. Mugo's is now producing records on their own label. If you like the first track on that LP "Ing" then picking up the 10in is a must!!! Side A has "Ing" with "Dub-ing" and the B side has got another tuff tune on it called "No Turning Back" with the dub as well by Earl 16 vs. The Love Grocer, cruical tune!! Oh man I just checked Ernie B's and it looks like they sold out of the 10in!! I am sure you can pick it up somewhere else though, just search around, EB's just had it not long back, so they got to have so more floating around still.
Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 02:16AM
big up foward- ing- big tune!!!! i'll defenatly be looking out for that. how might i go about visting ernie b's? once again thanks for the info. one love-juan love
Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 02:41AM
Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 03:02AM
Sorry to interupt but... yes I!!! So happy to see the positive message and then picked up by the dj's!! Give thanks for all of you who spend some serious shuckles to forward the music to the rest of us. Big up the dj's!!

Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 03:32AM
My partial list...

Stalwart (Bermuda) and Webzite (NY) Dubplate Mix CDs (two personal friends of mine with small but heavy sounds!)

Any Silverhawk or WAggy T tape I can find

Congos - Heart of the Congos

Cocoa Tea - I Have Been Waiting (new CD from my favorite singer)

Geto Boys - The Geto Boys (1990)

The Wailing Souls

UK Cup Clash 2004 & Jamaica World Clash 2004

Downbeat - Club Galaxy 1984 (first dance they dropped the Half Pint dub)

Tanya Stephens - Gangsta Blues

Lone Ranger - Badda Dan Dem

Dancehall Rock riddim (Spragga kills Kartel)
Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 03:13PM
Chimino, Are you talking about the Barrington Levy sponcered festival inna JA???

You got a live recording?

Chimino seh "Dancehall Rock riddim (Spragga kills Kartel)"
jb welda
Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 04:23PM
wailing souls new one on pressure sounds incorporating channel one 12" and 7" mixes

gentleman: journey to jah

big bad rhythmns vol 5

stone love session in nyc couple years ago

mr isaacs on blood and fire

that was yesterday, today (after work) is another day

one love
jah bill
Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 04:33PM
army "struggler"
los cafres "instinto"
gentleman "live with the far east band"
batch "who we are" (I think its called)
gomba jahbari "sentemenos"
turbulence "different thing"
various, midnite compilation "weep not"
abjah "inna red I hour"
raices y cultura "mystika raiz"
Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 07:10PM
No sorry, the Dancehall Rock riddim has tunes where they counteract each other. Kinda goes like: Assassin made a tune for Kartel, KArtel disses Assassin, Spragga (assasin's Red Square crew member) sends out a warning to Kartel.
So far on the riddim, Spragga tore it up the most. Always knew he had lyrics to kill anyone, just needed to be called out.

The BLevy I quoted is actually Jah Bill's...
Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 07:25PM
Cool. You seem to be in to live sessions. My bro has 5-6 MD's of the whole Dance All Rock show from this year in JA, B-Levy's birthday bash maybe?
We just finished converting the Elephant Man show a couple of days ago when he played in the area this year. Ele says Hello Colorado!!! and everyone yells back OREGON! Funny shite!

Spragga kills it every time.
Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 08:27PM
More love indeed!

Love love love!

All you need is love!

I love you...& I love YOU too!
Re: More Luv
May 14, 2004 08:53PM
LOL@that, bun. Well at least Ele is travelling to all those boondock spots (no offense) he mixes up, wish more dancehall artists would do the same.

Yes I love the live stuff, but mainly sound clash and live DJ performances over sound systems (80s rubadub style).

If any of you are on Soulseek, link up. Same username as the one I use here.
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