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Posted by Sageman 
May 19, 2004 01:55PM
Hi Everyone,
We are comming to the festival with our veggie -bus...
Our 1992 Converted School Bus runs on Veggie Oil or Bio-Diesel, uses Solar and Wind Power, has Solar Shower, Composting Toilet, and Wood Fireplace.
We will have Organic Kitchen providing Families with Healthy Food and Snacks.
We plan to travel to across the country stopping at schools, festivals, and Concerts to promote the use of biodiesel.
Our goal is to make the benefits of using biodiesel common knowledge. Through the use of biodiesel the nation can lesson its dependence on foreign oil, reduce emissions that contribute to smog, and virtually eliminate carcinogenic exhaust particulates.
1. Awareness Goals
Our goal is to educate the public as to the alternatives to fossil fuels, and show that switching from a fossil fuel to a renewable resource does not necessarily mean a change in lifestyle.
2. Alternative Fuel Source
Biodiesel greatly reduces harmful emissions. Carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by 48%, hydrocarbons by 67%, particulates by 47% and sulfurs, a particular problem with petroleum diesel, are reduced by 100 percent.
3. Reducing dependence on foreign oil
The use of biodiesel reduces the consumption of and the dependence on foreign oil, while supporting American farmers and industry.
4. Increase domestic farming industry.Biodiesel can be derived from any plant-based oil. The soy bean, rape seed, peanut or sunflower industry in the US can have an enormous opportunity to grow.
Please tell us about any other cool festivals and pass on our info or include us in your Eco Villagesad smileyEnvironmental awareness & sustainability educators and suppliers) ... We have alot of healthy alternitives to share.
Come and visit our site [wildchildmagazine.com]
and click Veggie Bus or any of the bio-diesel articles...
We also have a healthy Lifestyles post for Dogs... [members5.boardhost.com]
We would love to attend your festival and show off our Veggi-Bus so people know they can do it too...
Write me if you want to be a sponcer or get involved...
Jonothan Shiloka

Re: Veggi-Bus
May 19, 2004 04:17PM
Blessings Bredren!

InI are converting our '69 school bus over to veg, too. If you don't know of him, there is a man Devin O'Keane in Chico that does conversions. There is a local-to-N cal caravan forming that you may like to link up.
Let I know.....
Sis April Joseph I
Re: Veggi-Bus
May 19, 2004 05:24PM
Hey Sis April - How was the Whole Earth Festival ? Glad to hear so much love is going into your bus! Tajvia is coming up this weekend, so I will find out if she's going to the fest - if not I just might have to join your caravan - I'll keep you posted.

Pass along my greetings to Curt and the youth - peace and happiness
Re: Veggi-Bus
May 19, 2004 05:36PM
Sorry Jonothan - got a little sidetraked! Big up to your cause - sounds like you really are a sage man. Hope you get some real exposure - oil business has been corrupting the world far too long.
Re: Veggi-Bus
May 19, 2004 05:44PM

gotta give you props for your drum which will be coming along to SNWMF. We have enjoyed this drum and I hope people will come and get one too.

Big Jim Snidow
Uptown Top Ranking Reggae Show
weds 10am-1pm PST www.kuci.org
Re: Veggi-Bus
May 19, 2004 05:47PM
somebody haz dem head on straight. nuff praizez to the Veggie-Buzz! i* listioned to a interveiw from Exxon'z C.E.O.(the front spokez mon) it had some interesting factz that really only delt with undercover money issues but when Charlie Rose asked him about a time to change up, ect. he tryed to play a passive roll. quoting such bamba az "itz not az easy az many tink" like dem oil boilerz inocent & so on for hiz sake it sparked job security in i* earz. someting Charlie does not touch on-of interveiw contract groundz im sure of. who does him tink he'z foolin'? >forward^ boss hog very clear*
Re: Veggi-Bus
May 20, 2004 03:56PM
keeping it alive another day
Re: Veggi-Bus
May 20, 2004 11:23PM
who needz oil? answer: Bush & company, ect.
Re: Veggi-Bus
May 24, 2004 10:38PM
Here is a link to a nice article on the veggie-fuel:

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