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Niney the Observor

Posted by flip 
Niney the Observor
February 10, 2004 09:38PM
Big Respect the Niney the Observor

He was at SNWMF 2002 I think......the band that played behind didn't seem to know the material. don't know if it was some kind of lack of rehearsal or just the band not knowing the riddims.(fab 5). Niney talked alot about Dennis Brown and touring and put on a decent but uneven show. I thought that if the band was on point Niney would have put on a great show. the man is a legend- wicked producer and artist in his own right. like I said he talked about touring more ......anyone know anyting about that.....anybody remember that show. I have a tape of it ....not the best quality but listening to Niney talk about Dennis Brown and his untimely death was interesting. don't know how much he has talked about that in the past. very emotional
would love to see Niney with his own band or someone who knows his massive amount of material. so good to hear Niney go into "Love an Hate can never be friends..............."
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