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Posted by Jahmeek 
May 22, 2004 12:14AM
1)Mek hasten, O'Jah* o deliver iNi; mek haste to help iNi, O'Lord.
2)Let dem be ashamed & confounded dat seek after iNi soul. let dem be turned backward, put to shame & confussion, dat desire iNi hurt n' reign.
3)Let dem be who seh"aha aha" be turned back because of shame & folly az a reward.
4)Let all those dat seek thee rejoice & be glad in thee & let such az luv thy salvation seh i*tinually, let JaH* be exalted/magnified.
5)Yet i*am poor &needy. mek com+ fasten to iNi, O'JaH*! thou art iNi help & iNi deliverer; O'JaH*, mek no tarrying.
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