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VOLCANO sound '84 : DJ ID

Posted by trinitymlk 
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VOLCANO sound '84 : DJ ID
September 30, 2005 10:58PM
Here's one for all of you foundation experts..hopefully an easy one.

I have a Volcano dance from '84 featuring Toyan, Burro, Lui Leptke, Billy Boyo, Matta Pang and others.

At one point in the session one of the DJs gets on the mic and announces" Man like Horace Andy, please report to the front, you are wanted by man like Henry Junjo Lawes."

My question is this..at one point Donny Dread drops the Ali Baba rhythm and Burro gets on the mic in a rock-stone style. The next DJ who burro passes the mic to is the one I'm trying to ID.

The man has a DEEP voice and really tears into the Ali Baba talking about " I went to a dance in Portland, three or four barbers were there"

Naturally He goes on to lick musical shots to all the barbers, and carries a gunman vibe. At one point in the toast it sounds like he identifies himself as "Pendergrass."

Anyone know this artist????

Re: VOLCANO sound '84 : DJ ID
October 01, 2005 04:51AM
it would help if you could post the clip of it...

Could it be Sassafrass?

Re: VOLCANO sound '84 : DJ ID
October 01, 2005 06:02AM
I was just cruising Ernie B's and there is a guy on 12" from 1982 named Ranking Prendigas with a tune called "Murderer". Maybe that's your man.

Re: VOLCANO sound '84 : DJ ID
January 08, 2006 06:11AM
I will trade you something for a copy of that..... do you know how to transfer files?
Re: VOLCANO sound '84 : DJ ID
January 08, 2006 07:24PM

Send me an email that can take a large file and I will send it, otherwise I'll check you with a copy next time I come up. Respect, MK

P.S. It was definatley Ranking Pendergrass that shot the barber, as they refer to him as "Prendy" after he drops his lyrics
Ranking Yoni
Re: VOLCANO sound '84 : DJ ID
January 08, 2006 07:32PM
Big Volcano sound clip here (and more) - [s9.invisionfree.com]

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