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SNWMF volunteering

Posted by kalalau6 
SNWMF volunteering
May 25, 2004 04:28PM
It's my first year volunteering at SNWMF, and was just wondering if anyone could share their experiences who have done it so I can semi-know what to expect (Don't know my crew yet). Just wondering...
Re: SNWMF volunteering
May 26, 2004 05:39AM
My guess is it varies from crew to crew.
But the one thing I noticed last year at the thur. nite metting was
everyone was sooo happy and excited. the energy was incredible.
and it seemed to go on throughout the weekend.
that probably doesnt help, but I really think the festival is so
much more fun from our perspective because we are a part of the festival.
we help make it enjoyable for others.
we are part of that whole "nuturing a world family peacefully united in
the celebration of the universal sprit of Music"

Re: SNWMF volunteering
May 26, 2004 05:48PM
Volunteering is giving back. I know this because as a volunteer you might be asked to do many things. Our first time volunteering at Marysville, our crew was asked to climb a hill and move some haybales away from a tranformer. The hay bales were huge and covered with all manner of spiders and without any way other than hands to move these things, we slowly moved a mountain of these things away, but to our dismay our crew began to disappear one by one, without some other people who stopped and helped move some bales with their car, we would not have pulled it off. So if you come to work, work. You will get many questions, many of which you won't be able to answer, but do your best, at least try, grab a festival guide and try to assist. Helping people out is natural highness. Like michael mentioned there is energy within these crews because we all enjoy giving of ourselves and see it as giving back to the event. As a DJ, I started coming to this festival in 1997. In 1999, I saw 2 djs from Fresno running the press tent conducting interviews and thought that would be a great place to help make things run smooth. Since then, I have given almost all my time at the festivals since at the press tent missing many of the performers I had driven so far to see, only to speak with at the press tent.
Volunteering is giving up a little so that others may have the best festival experience
It will not be always easy, don't ever cross the smile from your face,
Re: SNWMF volunteering
May 26, 2004 09:01PM
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