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Bring only the good vibes

Posted by thisriver 
Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 04:25AM
Last night I went to see the Itals in Park City. Overall it was a pretty good show, mostly stuff off the new album but a few older tunes thrown in. Keith Porter was smiling and dancing the whole time despite a crowd of maybe 30 people.
The reason I am writing is what happened after the show. Keith left the stage after 1 encore and David Isaacs came off the stage into the club to sell the new CD. He walked around with little success and then as he was pitching the CD to a couple of young gangsta lookin kids they stared too pick a fight with him. I didn't catch the whole thing but ithink they tried to offer him 5$ for the CD and David told them too get lost. Then there was a big confrontation and a lot of "F***k you" going back and forth. At one point I tried todifuse the situation by stepping in front of David Isaacs and purchasing a copy of "MI Livity" (which I really didn't want), but as soon as I stepped away the kids stepped up to pursue the confrontation. I finally walked away. I don't what to make of this other than it really bummed me out. All I could think is what is wrong with people? What the hell is going on? Now more than ever positivity and understanding is a must.
Bring only the good vibes!
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 06:33AM
I don't know what I would have done had I been in that situation. You did good though. What a horrible way to end a night.

I was wondering about all the gansta looking people that was at the festival last year. It was kinda scary. Many of them looked like they were straight out of a Mexican gang. I know you don't have to look a certain way to enjoy reggae and have good vibes but I wasn't getting anything good from many that I saw. Is reggae popular with gangstas these days? I've never heard any listen to it. It is usually rap or something else I don't like.
john dillinger
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 09:56AM
this is a concious posting and deserves some real reasoning on this board, roots family and fans alike, i am going to meditate myself on this one and post more in depth in the am...
for now though, giving thanks to thisriver for feeling the need and acting with some responsibility and making an attempt to diffuse the bad vibe....
one love, john dillinger dreadstock 2004
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 03:45PM
< Many of them looked like they were straight out of a Mexican gang >

And what does that look like? I am curious

< It is usually rap or something else I don't like >

Good generalization.

Be careful not to make stereotypes, I don't agree with the people either, but making stereotypes is not a good thing either.

One love
eric v
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 04:15PM
Yes, I know.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 04:21PM
Hair nets, tatoos on the neck and below the eyes... Can't forget the "wife beater" shirt, the "blue" or "red" bandana hanging from their pocket.. When I see this stuff I think Mexican Gang member... Maybe this is standard wear for some but I am pretty sure they are gang members or at least giving out that perception, which is probably just as dangerous...

Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 04:21PM
<< many of them looked like they were straight out of a mexican gang >>
<and what does that look like>
it looks like a bunch of guys in a gang. don't be so policically correct that you can't accept what you see.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 04:26PM
No disrespect Zana but interesting how people can be in the same environment but perceive things so differently. I did not see any "gangsta looking" people at last years fest. I look back and can't think of one person and I was there camping the whole time without many altering substances even. Yep, people wear the white tanks cuz it is hot as hell and there is a lot of ink in the crowd but I don't think that makes people look like gangsters. Maybe cuz I grew up part time in long beach but I just don't see it. Even if "at risk" youngsters start attending they may learn something and take a more peaceful approach to life.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 05:22PM
Totally agree with your youngster comment... About taking something away positive. I knew somebody would come back on the tatoo comment, I would say the majority at the fest have some sort of tats, but the teardrops down the eyes and some of the stuff on the neck are a sign of prison gangs. Wearing a white tank is one thing, wearing one with a red or blue bandana or with a hair net, while not cooking, or accompanied with the prison style tatoos, to me at least is a sign of gang activity. Sure each thing on its own says nothing but put them all together and I think you can get a reading of what someone stands for.. I would also agree that I did not see many "gangstas" around last year, nothing compare to Mysville. As long as people are there to enjoy the good vibe and be in good spirits, who cares what they look like. I was just responding to the question of what a gangster looks like... You are right though if every kid in baggy clothes, hair nets or sporting the red and blue were in gangs that would mean the majority of the youth of this country or at least this state are in gangs or at least appear that way, Damn I hope not but believe it or not there is a cultural epidemic going on with gangs and our youth...
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 06:01PM
No doubt about your last comment Norcal, gangs continue to be a powerful force all around cali, the nation and the world. I suppose each one of us should just be as aware as possible of any growing tensions between people around us and try and head it off when a casual comment if possible or notify the volunteers. If you overhear someone ask "where you from?" be alert and know they aren't askin about your hometown.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 06:08PM
I didn't assume the kids I saw were in gangs. Maybe I should clarify, they were more along the lines of middle class white kids playing at a toughguy/streetwise appearance. I don't know if they were even there for the show or not.
"Looks is decieving, Don't try to rate no man" I don't know what they were other than a bad element.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 07:01PM
Interesting Dana. From what I have seen over the years living down in Southern Cal, Bob Marley continues to influence youth, especially those "at risk" youth that don't have nowhere to go when they need help. Some have turned to Roots Reggae to forget about babylon or "the system" for a while, they listen to the message of these artists. This is why the Chicano crown in So Cal is following Reggae as Jah people and Jah children in tribulation. And then there is the herbs, many follow it just for herbs. this is my perspective. out.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 07:04PM
bob marley... the original rudeboy
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 07:16PM
SO many ghetto youth being led astray by so many and so many different ways.....all of us are a partially shaped by our environment. So come one, come all. Not one weekend festival is going to change a lifetime of bad influence, yet it can plant a seed and point the youths in a different way, and if it changes just one, isn't it worth it?
Quote from Luke chapter 5
But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law who belonged to their sect complained to his disciples, "Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and 'sinners'?"
Yashua answered them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 26, 2004 08:42PM
Yo Norcal what set you claim?
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 27, 2004 12:19AM
i can relate to this topic very much. being a hispanic youth sommtimes automaticly puts you in the gangster catagory. i personly have delt with this from the time i was a teenager up until now. i grew up in marrysville so you can just amagin the kinds of people i had to put up with and still do.sometimes i think the thing about being a product of your environment is somewhat true,especialy on how you might look,dress and apear to people. my advice: if you see people wearing lots of one color, hair nets,and tear drop tatts, stay away cause they are not their to catch the vibe but only to get messed up and find some sort of victim. if you see a differnt hispanic kid skankin to the music and lookin irie, that will probably be me, keepin things cool and calm.
one love-juan love
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 27, 2004 12:33AM
Gwan , gwan, gwaaaaaaan.................RED EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 27, 2004 01:40AM
Zana: reggae in its Jamaican form is, and always has been, the music of the ghetto, and that means it's had a "gangster" side for decades. Look back to the 60's and beyond, and you'll see artists both glorifying and condemning the "rudeboy" lifestyle . . . and not only is the music intended for a ganster audience, but the artists and producers are often badmen, too. If you look at how many reggae artists have passed away, death by the gun and through involvement in gangster or drug business are incredibly common. Many of the artists who have survived have done so because they are dangerous people. You don't mess with Supercat or with Josey Wales . . . I think the "one love," "positive vibration," and generally "hippie" aspects associated with the music are really only central to "international" reggae, rather than the Jamaican music. The real anomaly is not the presence of the gangsters, but the presence of white people coming for the one-love, festival experience . . . or at least, that's the way I see it.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 27, 2004 04:04AM
one love and love all !!!! and to the gangsters : back way with your mix up !!!! this is no place for you. go to a 50cent concert and pick a fight with other gangsters. we need to come together and try to keep these people out! please dont let angles camp get over run by thugs(security) them come, tell them to turn around and head back towards babylon. sorry if i sound harsh but because of these fools the best roots festival in the u.s. is no longer in my back yard-beckworths river front park. one love-juan love
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 27, 2004 04:48AM
I think you missed my point. I don't care who goes to any reggae festival or what they look like. I just happened to notice that there were people present who looked, yes looked, and acted rather thugish. I will use the word thug since the use of gansta was misinterpreted. They could have been thugs in a gang, I don't know and I don't care. It was their attitude that was unappealing. Jeesh.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 27, 2004 05:28AM
i'm sorry zana. this sort of thing just really upsets me. it just seems like there is no getting away from these people. i just want snwmf to a place were i can forget that they exsist for three days. thug or gangsta its all the same, just stay clear and be safe. one love-juan love
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 27, 2004 08:02AM
I guess there is no moderation of racist comments or stereo typing on this spot.
zana, was it Mexican or white whateverclass? There probably were lots of mexicans because Cali is Mexico and was stolen by the US gov. in the treaty of Guadelupe Hildalgo.
juan luv, I quess your kind of one love excludes "these kinda people" although you too are "hispanic"?
I quess people with street names like Steppin Razor or Tuff Gong probably should have never expressed there frustrations with being colonized, enslaved and pursicuted by Babylon.
Judge not or you will be judged. Jesus Christos as well as many others whom you probably adorn, did not do their works amongst the clean, godly or rightous.
People making generalizations such as those above are far more dangerous to this "world music festival" than any other element.
The real ganstas, for the most part are locked up, don't know about or do not have the time or resources to come to Angels Camp. They are busy trying to survive on their block, in a racist institution which fails our youth daily, funeling them into the institutions of correctional facilities/prisons, military, death, addiction, the streets or maybe education.
While "other" gangs, i.e. italian, irish, eastern european, asian are not only glamorized but condoned...the need is similar, survival in numbers, in an unequal and unjust society.
Give thanks and feel blessed if one day "those kinda of people" come to Jah Light and if "they" need help and you are rightous then guide "them".
Reggae music has gone world wide and that includes Latin America/Latinos.
Rasta Far I is right there, as well and as planned in the barrios, ghettos anywhere the youth suffer whether you like it or not...
By the way, I might have been one of those "gansta looking" people who looked Mexican because I am. But while your paying to get dirt on your teeth, I'm probably back stage, performing or playing music in the dancehall or between acts. We're here!!!
The REAL gangstas are named Bush, Reagan, Wilson, Kennedy & Mason............


Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 27, 2004 03:03PM
Missed the point again...
You're so off base it is sad. You couldn't even read what I had wrote. You are probably so sensitive that you rush to judge without taking the time to actually read what I wrote.
Can you understand what I'm saying now? Or do you need to resort to screaming rasism when there isn't any. But I guess I'm just a dirty person who can't get back stage or on stage for that matter. I always have a smile and good attitude for everyone, do you?
jb welda
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 27, 2004 04:18PM
>Cali is Mexico and was stolen by the US gov. in the treaty of Guadelupe Hildalgo.

ah yes..."stolen" from spaniards. wait...spaniards...arent they from spain? isnt spain in europe? so basically they were playing the same game as the "us gov"...a game of conquer and kill the native peoples. and in this case, they lost.

get over it.

i have to agree with most of the rest of what youre saying esp about who the real gangs are. and anyone who sights up rasta, no matter their color, race or whatever, is ok by me. you cant judge a book by the cover and all that.

one love
jah bill
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 27, 2004 04:25PM
Forward you pretty much discribed my story of the festival, I was never a negative youth but I was lost for a couple years. Now im growing in the right direction.

Happy Trails
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 27, 2004 11:46PM
Okay, after reading this whole thread, i dont know if i should reply... but Zana, i do understand what you mean, and i also understand the other poeple's point... at first i thought you were saying something along the lines of " who do they think they are listening to reggae dressing all thuggish and gangsta like?" and i think that is what a few others thought as well, but i now know that you are all about the vibe they bring. Like "thisriver" was saying, after noticing those who do not share the blessed vibe of Love and Unity, make sure you bring nothing but that blessed vibe to SNWMF. I mean it really does not matter what you look like on the outside, sure people might not look at you and automatically think "oh, definite reggae listener," but you know what your about.
I just started listening to reggae music since february '04, so it has not been long, but all of my friends, you know, the poeple that "know" me never would have thought i would listen to this type of music. when i am driving somewhere, they are still in a bit of shock when i listen to some Sugar Minott or something.
I mean who would have thought that i would meet some guy who barely knows me, and would think i would like reggae, make me a cd and change my life. I cannot thank that person enough(if you are reading this, you know who you are: endless thanks from me to you and Jah bless).
I feel so thankful for having been introduced to reggae, and i know i dont want to be an "imposta rasta" so i have been doing some research so i know what i am listening to and what the whole rastafarian movement is about. I know i have a lot to learn, and yes, unfortunatley by looking at me... during, oh i dont know, anytime before february '04, you would have thought "wow, a preppy spoiled little girl. Ha, she does not know anything about harshipd and what have you...." and the truth is i did not, but after listening to this music... i have not experienced it for myself, but i feel like in some way i have because the music is so real and so true. I dont know, i guess i went off on a tangent... but i am just so happy that i have been introduced to Reggae and to all of you wonderful Jah-blessed people. i hope i can meet some of you at this years event!

Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 28, 2004 12:17AM
_united states & mexico should just unite & get done wit it. if nah for cheap labor dis countryz economy would be below the knees mark(including illegals with fake social cards,ect.) & if nah for the yankee doller dem south of the border would reach a whole new under level of poverty by far. the system iz a fraud & a conspiracy iz to blame for any mis-overstanding past iNi own ignorance in the rat race education. iNi all victims of stereo types sooner or later ,no way to by-pass dis truth inna crucial time. i* for one still am confussed just az much to see a mon/womb waving a american flag just @ same of a one holding a mexi flag up high. nuff confussion here in dis strange land iNi endure. nice to see some real history being told here instead of a vibe cope out on D'matter. so where iz da link here to reggae muzak? well the struggle iz i*naversal. rome haz dug deep on dis subject. nuff attention focus -RASpects+
One Eye
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 29, 2004 12:39AM
People are not feeling your comment in general, so rather than getting upset because people don't understand your thinking. Recognize your wrong... You made a very poor generalization in the begining and continued by changing what you said from mexican to white, ganstas to thugs and then to attitude. You initially singled out a specific people and attatched a negative stereotype to them. So regardles of how you attepmt to legitimize your statement it was wrong!!! Who put you in charge of judging peoples attitudes and what's so good about yours?
jb, by saying get over it, a genocide of poeples; manifest destiny, is like saying get over the 60 million plus Africans who died in the name of slavery. Spain, Enland, France, Italy as well as a few other Euopean countries all had a role in this genocide... Your boy might have stole the car but if you're driving it, what is your responsibility? Does the New World Order ring a bell?
People who have gone their whole life being second class citizens, degraded by names like spick, beaner, wetback, greaser or mexican with a negative stereotype attached will definately be sensitive to ignorant statements like the ones above. Can you imagine how it feels to be singled out in the classroom as a child becuse of your race? I guess as long as the vegatables are being picked and brought to your table, it's all good. But god forbid "those type of people" wanting to get away for a weekend and possibly uplift themselves...
If anything, there are way to many white ignorant, judgmental, materialistic people in attendace. But I try and not generalize and stereotype an entire people for an issue I may have with a group of individuals.
If the shoe fits wear it zana and don't forget to floss.

One Eye
You Wish
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 29, 2004 12:54AM
Saw the same **** in Napa, some g-money types that happened to be Latin trying to fight Rocker T, longside Jahyzer & Shinehead. Luckily the bouncers @ the place get off on the exact same ****, and threw em out.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 29, 2004 01:10AM
One Eye, You are a very judgmental person. You obviously have a problem with reading and understanding statements. YOU weren't where I was, seeing what I saw. Thugs, ganstas, whatever, who cares. You don't know me either and don't know what I've been through. I know all about discrimination and living a hard life. But, I also can call things like I see it and not be so politically correct. If people act like a thug, look like a thug, then I call them a thug, whether or not they are Mexian or not. It isn't rocket surgery.
You need to chill out and be a little bit more happy. Re-read what I said and then maybe you can understand it without being so sensitive. I don't think expressing an opinion about what I witnessed is wrong. I'm done with this topic, moving on.
I don't want to have bad feelings about going to this festival because some jackass can't understand anything about what I'm saying.
Look for me at other posts because I will not be back at this one.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
May 29, 2004 04:40AM
* mexican american- we like education -so we go to nite school and get a b- mexican american... cheech marin -next movie
one love-juan love
Re: Bring only the good vibes
June 01, 2004 08:09PM
Interesting posts, however it is hard to agree or disagree with such mixed views. I do beleive everyone has the right to attend and dress however they would like until it actually affects the festival, which I have yet to see at frogtown.

More cofusing to me is why some guys were showing off swazi tatoos at a event aimed at mulit-culture. Now that made a stranger impression on me than seeing a few hoods.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
June 02, 2004 03:18AM
Don't Worry be Happy? Vibes smibz, bring cash and plenty this is babylon at it finest. Aint nothing but a show ting mon.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
June 02, 2004 04:05PM
Aaa Didn't somebody say "Bring only the good vibes" ?

Happy Trails
Re: Bring only the good vibes
June 02, 2004 05:38PM
only good vibe over here!!!! one love-juan love
Re: Bring only the good vibes
June 02, 2004 06:06PM
Why don't people talk about the music anymore? One of the main strengths
of Rasta music is the message. One part of that message is that all races
and ethicnities should be able to love Ja and the people who share that belief.
The music carries that message to all people. What I have seen in the
last five years of going to Reggae shows and festivals is what I have always
seen since the 80's. That is the young who attend Reggae shows are counter culture to mainstream US music/entertainment. Now are the young who
listened to Reggae in the 80's the same as they are in 2000 and beyond?
Of course not. In fact, since the US pop culture has returned to the 1950's conformity for young people to embrace. It seems to me that the young
today have to carry more of a attitude or more aggresive stance on their
music and cultural tastes. So it doesn't surprise me to see the younger
crowd showing the "uniform" or colors of a band that shows distaste for
mainstream beliefs. The younger crowd lacks the understanding of the
music and often shows up to show their attitude to the people they don't
need to alienate. So if you see someone at the festival that disturbs
your comfort zone please try to understand that this is in part the new
counter culture in the U.S. I would like to hear more about what
people think about my views.

Ja Love

Re: Bring only the good vibes
June 02, 2004 08:35PM
So this festival is supposed to be about unity, peace and coming together, one-love. Regardless of your heritage. People stuck on r those they "think" they do not like are missing the whole point.

People should come to SNWMF to transcend these "racial" and "stereotypical" views of others and find out that you should base what a person is about by what they are about, not what you percieve them to be.

Just me two cents that no one wants to hear winking smiley

Cya ALL AT THE FESTIVAL and i dont care if your a ghetto looking purple people eater =)

Re: Bring only the good vibes
June 02, 2004 09:19PM
Ha Ha Juan Love...but you forgot the "take spanish and get a B" part.
Re: Bring only the good vibes
June 02, 2004 10:53PM
i know i was laughing too hard when i was typing and couldnt remember the whole part about "getting into gang fights.oh well. well gotta get to my nite class.
one love-juan love
Re: Bring only the good vibes
June 03, 2004 04:29PM
Peace and Love
Re: Bring only the good vibes
June 04, 2004 06:24PM
IDRENS, just remember this...our days are numbered and we should rejoice to the fact that we all have a place to attend and share love, peace, unity, respect, pos vibes and most of all...JAHs music. One love, Jah bless and give thanx and praises to the Most High...
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