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Camping Question

Posted by Ras J 
Camping Question
May 27, 2004 07:44PM
What kind of campsite can I expect if I arrive at about 4:30PM on Friday?

Peace and Jah Love,

Ras J
Re: Camping Question
May 27, 2004 07:55PM
One similar to the type you would get at 9:00 a.m. or 9:00 p.m.
Re: Camping Question
May 27, 2004 08:33PM
Expect dust if not on RV camping

Happy Trails
Re: Camping Question
May 29, 2004 03:09PM
you will be by the sespool i swear i was by the sespool last year it stunk bring lots of smoke or incense
Jah bless
Re: Camping Question
May 29, 2004 03:41PM
Sespool? - was it really that bad? Missed last year, but I've usually found the camping to be pretty good - course I usually have tons of incense burning anyway.

YEah Ras J - it's all pretty much the same - rows of vehicles with rows of tents/tarps inbetween - depends on how cool your neighbors are!
Re: Camping Question
May 29, 2004 03:46PM
?? never seen (or smelt) a cesspool?? yo snwmf - is there a cesspool in the camping area??
Re: Camping Question
May 29, 2004 04:03PM
I've been at ROTR when it's been pretty bad (wind can be a curse sometimes) - but never had a problem at SNWMF. Glad you've managed to avoid it too dirtweed!

forward the clean air! (give the people what they want!) - LOL
Re: Camping Question
May 30, 2004 01:08AM
last year one of the last camping areas to fill were next to the baseball fields--- which is next to the cesspond that is the lowest part of the property. the rv hookup camp is slightly higher but close enough that the stench could lightly be had on the edge of camperland, too. this cesspool is the drain for the whole fairground. what happens is that it does not reak until about midday saturday ! [whew] some people got up and moved their camps while others just grinned and beared it. hopefully there will be signs and/or yellow tape to keep peope from camping near the odor...
Re: Camping Question
June 01, 2004 07:53PM
Yes the sesspool area sucks and they should not force camping near it, However it does not seem to matter when you arrive, I have seen people who arrived early friday and still get parked there. I personally will not pay to camp near there. ON A HOT YEAR IT IT THAT BAD!
Re: Camping Question
June 02, 2004 04:11PM
Yea cool neighbors Really make a huge difference in Tarp Sharing and of course
socializing and whatever ealse you can think of.

Happy Trails
Re: Camping Question
June 02, 2004 04:53PM
NO DUST CLOUDS! Just like to remind everyone as they drive around in the Dirt at SNWMF 04, to keep your speed so low that you don't raise a dust wake. If you come screaming around the corner and shower everyone in your literal "DUST" that is not kind. Drive like you were on a tricycle. This is one thing I am sure everyone can agree on, it is not nice to breathe in more dust than necessary.
I have noticed some very un-irie vibes in the past, so please please please leave them at home, don't ruin a beautifull weekend by having some stupid argument over something really trivial, trust me, it could spoil those irie vibes in a big hurry. Leave the attitude vibes at home if you have that kind of thing.
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