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Patois vs. PATWA

Posted by Dubguy 
Patois vs. PATWA
May 29, 2004 04:41PM
Okay - I keep seeing this on the board (Patois). There are several versions of Patois in the Carribean - mostly of French descent, which is why the weird spelling. However, the PATWA we are all familiar with is English/Spanish/Afrikan/Native Jamaican mix - not much French in there. It has also been pointed out that there is no (official) spelling, or dictionary.

Many of the JA massive have been spelling it Patwa - it just fits better. Kinda like when Michael Rose became Mykal.

- and to some post-ers on this board - I don't think it's disrespectful at all. If you were not interested in the culture, you would not be imitating it. I speak espaƱol (castellaƱo) to mi amiga often - and she thinks it is MORE respectful that I'm trying to communicate to her on a level she is more familiar with...

BTW - I've had friends from JA that speak perfectly fine English (with a distinct accent - but c'mon - so DO WE!) most of the time - but get a few beers in them and when they are talking to each other the patwa comes very easy, seen!

Me gi dem what dey want, yes mi gi dem!
Smiles cross the miles!
Pale Ryder
Re: Patois vs. PATWA
June 01, 2004 09:32PM
Everyone has an accent!
Re: Patois vs. PATWA
June 02, 2004 04:16AM
I like the term patwah myself.

People often argue whether or not Jamaican Patwah is another
language(called Jamaican) or simply a modified English.

After visiting Jamaica a lot, I have concluded that for all practical
purposes, it is another language and appears that it would be very
difficult to learn unless you grew up around it or lived in Jamaica
for a very long period. Knowing a few patwah terms is a far cry from conversing or understanding the rapid fire talk that occurs among Jamaicans.
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