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Camping vehicle question

Posted by kool_runnings 
Camping vehicle question
June 01, 2004 03:36AM
I'm thinking of bringing a pop-up tent trailer to SNWMF. Does anybody
know what the camping fee will be for this type of vehicle? I've read
that the camping fees will be expensive if this is considered to be a RV.
I don't require utility/water hook-ups for three days.

Many thanks to SNWMF for a great line-up this year.
Re: Camping vehicle question
June 02, 2004 04:28PM
Yes I, I to would like to bring a pop-up trailer. Two years ago I brought a pop
up trailer and was charged regular camping fee,last year they said it was a
RV and payed RV price? what's up, the size is the same as a normal camp space
so why charge for a RV? with Bush in power everything has gone up and up and up.
We need a small break
love and Peace
SNWMF fan for 10 years
Bo D
Re: Camping vehicle question
June 02, 2004 04:35PM
Well Well.
it shouldn't be a probilem

Happy Trails
Re: Camping vehicle question
June 02, 2004 06:01PM
Well Well.
it shouldn't be a probilem- I just want to know what the price is?
Is that asking alot? would somebody from SNWMF please reply
Due respect is due
jb welda
Re: Camping vehicle question
June 02, 2004 06:08PM
if thats all it is, a matter of price, then how about this:

plan on it being RV expensive, and if its not then you got money in your pocket.

somehow though, i doubt anyone is going to be charging RV price for a mere fold up tent trailer. theres a phone number on the poster, i believe its 916 777 5550, try it and see. you can get the official word there.

one love
jah bill
Re: Camping vehicle question
June 03, 2004 12:50AM
Thanks and prasies Jah Bill for the number!
Warren and SNWMF always put on a killer show year after year,and they
keep the price of the festival Irie so the Reggae family can grow and have
all colors to enjoy the music. Not like ROTR has done in the last two years for
charging a arm and a leg. Thanks again Warren your line-up is off the hook!
see you there, peace and love
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