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Posted by Charlie Johnson 
June 02, 2004 11:13PM
The Oregon Crew has been working the main stage as stagehands for the last two years. Last week we were told that someone else would be doing this year's show. As a policy of a well run organization you have good communication with your suppliers, staff and guests, giving us three weeks notice is not only unprofessional but very disloyal to a crew that has been working hard for you these last years. We do want Walter, Doug Green and the sound company to know that it was a pleasure and a privlage to work with them and look forward to our next show together. Hope you all enjoy the show and hope the bands go on on-time.
P.S. Look for us at Columbia mewdows for The Dead.
jb welda
June 02, 2004 11:40PM
im sorry to hear this as from what i could tell you guys did a fine job. but dont you think it rather unprofessional to air your laundry in public like that? i cannot think of any other reason to do so than to smear someone.

just my thoughts on the matter. i dont know how decisions are made one way or the other.

one love
jah bill
Loren Miller
June 03, 2004 03:01AM
Dear Charlie, first of all, you guys were great last year and so was Walt, and Doug. No complaints one way or another. In fact, I called Doug and Walt 3 months ago to solicit all your services again this year. Doug was in Hawaii it turns out, and Walt was on tour. Who knew? Nobody called me back. That is not placing blame on anybody, it is just a turn of events, the luck of the draw. With the burdon of covering everything including my ass, I immediatly began the arduous process of hiring your replacements. Not easy since you were all such a fine bunch of equipment movers. Never in my life have I seen such skill in moving a keyboard from the trailer to the stage before! The same goes for moving guitar amps, fine movers, one and all. Actually, the people I had to hire have been audio engineers and stage technicians for years, and I have worked with most of them for years, some since high school, and as old as I am, that is longer than most of our concert goers have been alive. Since I have a repoir with 99 percent of these folks for years, on many a stage etc, I think we will be able to move the gear on and off the stage ok. We will miss you guys dearly though. Perhaps next year? I trust that since you all work much of the concert season you will have no problem covering the weekend? As far as loyalty goes though, I am loyal to fun, swarn to none. In the future, I begin to hire, so I can be done with it and not worry at the last minute, in April. Put that in your craw for the next one. Have a great year.
Loren Miller, Production Manager, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival
June 04, 2004 10:32PM
Thank you, Loren for your kind note and hope you have a great show Sorry we got lost in the cracks and will be more than happy to send you a note for next year. Thank you again for the chance to work on the main stage with Walter and Doug.
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