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off-site place to stay/ hotels?

Posted by Reuben Selah 
off-site place to stay/ hotels?
June 03, 2004 02:49PM
Hail! InI trodding from San Diego via Puerto Rico are searching for off-site accomodations. Any hotels/Inns to stay at? You have three heartical Rasta bredren and sistren looking for vibes. InI are all top notch Ital chefs, so we need room for that. Too much unhygenic living at the camp. InI apreciluv any response to our situation.
Eghzibier yim mas gan
Re: off-site place to stay/ hotels?
June 03, 2004 04:45PM
I am sure there is. The problem that one might face is that cars are not allowed to leave once entering camping site and town is a few miles. If one gets there early enough one can get a good site away from the baƱos. I was one of the first up there and in line for camping and received a really beautiful site under a large shady tree. Camping was enjoyable.
Much Love,
jb welda
Re: off-site place to stay/ hotels?
June 03, 2004 04:49PM
its a bit late in the game to be looking for accomodations in angels camp (the town). best try sonora or jamestown, about 20 miles away.

as far as i know getting in line first for camping does not guarantee the best spot. and if youre not camping then youre not getting a car into the camping area, its day parking by the day.

hope that helps

one love
jah bill
Re: off-site place to stay/ hotels?
June 03, 2004 04:55PM
Well it seems if InI are one of first say 100 one won't get stuck out in the field by the bathrooms. I remember that is the last place they fill up with campers.
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