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Posted by joyleaf 
February 12, 2004 08:40PM
Does anyone know if I don't send in to SNWMF for my tix by the 1st of March will tix cost more than $80.00 to buy online?
Re: tix...
February 12, 2004 09:31PM
Yes, there is a substantial savings for buying before March 1st. Plus, you won't have to pay the babylon surcharge that an online outlet will charge you. Invest in your future. Send in for your ticket today!!!
Re: tix...
February 20, 2004 05:43PM
Yea the surcharge last year was something like $20. more per ticket if I remember as well as the tickets went up in price.
Re: tix...
February 20, 2004 07:14PM
There is no surcharge for mail order - even after March 1st. I think Ticketmaster has a substantial surcharge - but the independent outlets only charge a few dollars. There is a long list of independent outlets on the ticket page.
Re: tix...
February 20, 2004 09:21PM
Street Light record no surcharge.
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