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I'll Take Your Extra Ticket

Posted by Ras Kinchelow 
I'll Take Your Extra Ticket
June 05, 2004 03:52PM
good day to all that enter. i missed out yesterday on the mail order, and i don't have a ticket bastard in dis here town of mine. the dentist hit me for $200 yesterday which was my money for mail order and i don't own any credit cards

so if anyone has a ticket they would like to sale let i know. i'll throw in some live reggae shows e-me and we could work out a deal. arawak420@yahoo.com.

listening to and willing to share sweet shows like this i got yesterday in the mail.

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1.Intro > See Dem A Come
2.Zion Gate
3.Im Worried
4.Two Sevens Clash
5.Capture Rasta
6.This Train
7.The International Herb
8.Money Girl
9.Stop The Fussing+Fighting
10.Fight For Yu Right
12.In A Dance Hall
13.Crack In NY
Re: I'll Take Your Extra Ticket
June 07, 2004 07:27PM
I believe Tickets are 100$ at the "Door"
? You should look into it
Peace & Love
Re: I'll Take Your Extra Ticket
June 09, 2004 11:36PM
still looking for ONE. have money already in paypal waiting to go.
Re: I'll Take Your Extra Ticket
June 10, 2004 12:00AM
They still have them at the DOOR. Ready and waiting to go. You should grab ONE.

Jus messin wit ya.

See you there!!!!!!!
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