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music trades foreward

Posted by danabis 
music trades foreward
June 06, 2004 10:33PM
if anyone has any live uncopyrighted music they want to trade at the fest, we should hook up.

Bob Marley and the Wailers
04-22-78 Peace Concert, Kingston, Jamaica National Heroes Stadium

Bob Marley & The Wailers
Stadio San Siro
Milan, Italy
Source: SBD > Bootleg CD > EAC > SHN

burning spear
lithuanian hall
baltimore md

israel vibration reggae on the river piercy ca 8-3-1996 filler from the heptones

sierra nevada world music festival 2003
mp3 sourced

mikey dread
cocoa tea
barrington levy
pato banton
pablo moses
fully fullwood
sister carol
big mountain
yami bolo
u roy
johnny clarke

Toots & The Maytals
April 22, 1978
The Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, Ontario

Source: On-stage AUD>CAS>CAS>WAV>SHN

Peter Tosh (Acoustic) 1-7-77
WXFM Radio Studio, Chicago, IL
FM radio source

Prior to the release of Equal Rights Peter did a series of
radio station interviews in the US that included live solo
acoustic performances. He returned to the US later in the year
with his band to tour the album.

Peter Tosh
Date: 1981-06-30
Venue: Rainbow Theatre London, England
Media: CDR
Number: 2
Source: SBD
Notes: 6/30/81 Rainbow Theatre London, England 2cd (A) 1-58:02 2-27:58

THe Wailers "What stage" Bonnaroo Manchester TN

FoB (DFC 40' Back MIc's ortf) Neumann skm184's > lunatec V2> adc20> DaP1>
conversion: HHB cdr 830> hhbcdr>vaio>eac>wav>shn

Taped,transfered and seeded By Nick Foerster

Toots and the Maytals
Reggae On The River @ French's Camp
Piercy, CA
August 2, 1992

Source: DSBD > DAT > CD > EAC > FLAC

Transfer: JVC XD-Z507 DAT > HHB 800 Standalone CD burner > EAC > WAV

okay enough...
i dont have very much tradable reggae, but too much rock & roll to list.

new trading forum, check it out!!
June 19, 2004 11:36AM
Everyone, check out our new bootleg trading forum @ www.bootmusic.org, all types of trades welcome, we also have a promo page for unsigned bands. Check it out!!
Re: music trades foreward
June 20, 2004 03:24AM

Chimino Sound System CD List

Aces Int’l 1982 Yellowman, Eek A Mouse, Ringo, Little John, Toyan, Burro (very clean)
Aces Int’l vs Lee’s Unlimited 1983 – Ringo, Nicodemus, Beenie Man
Addies 1987 – Supercat, Tenor Saw, Frankie Paul
Addies 1992 – Danny Dread in Biltmore (wicked juggling)
Addies 1996 – Matterhorn (nuff hiphop dubs)
Addies vs Bass Odyssey 94 Portmore JA
Addies vs Bass Odyssey 97 Miami
Addies vs Bass Odyssey 2000 DC
Addies vs Bass Odyssey vs Bodyguard NY 2001
Addies vs LP 95 (part 2)
Addies vs Poison Dart
Addies vs Road Star
Addies & Stone Love NY 2000 juggling
Addies, Downbeat, LP, Firgo Digital 1994 – Early B Tribute Dance
Afrique 1990 Biltmore – Alton Black, Capleton, Supercat, Blacka Ranks
Afrique vs Bodyguard
Amplex vs Travellers vs Addies
Antigua World Clash 2001 – Stereo Choice, Matterhorn, Poison Dart, Mighty Crown, Firelinx
Bass Odyssey (vs StoneLove/Jammys/Jamrock) 93
Bass Odyssey vs Jammys vs Jaro 94
Bass Odyssey vs Bodyguard 94
Bass Odyssey vs Bodyguard 95 St Mary JA
Bass Odyssey vs Exodus 4x4 1995
Bass Odyssey vs Links
Bass Odyssey Berlin 2002
Blackat vs Silverhawk 92
Blackat vs Jaro 93 Miami
Blackat vs Addies 93 Boston
Blackat vs Jaro 3-94
Blackat vs Bass Odyssey vs Bodyguard
Blackat vs Firelinks 2001
Blackat vs Sound Trooper 2002
Blackat vs Killamanjaro 2003 JA
Black Star 1985 – Tiger
Black Star 1989 DC – URoy, Rankin Joe, Josey, Brigi, Nitty Gritty, Shinehead, Louie Rankin, Sister Carol, Foxy Brown
Bodyguard vs Rocket
Bodyguard vs Metromedia vs Super Saint 92
Bodyguard vs Jaro vs Super Dee 95 (all sides)
Bodyguard vs Metromedia vs Stone Love 96
Bodyguard vs Addies 98
Bronx Showdown 2004 – Sound Trooper, Poison Dart, Blunt Posse, etc
Caveman vs Downbeat 2000 (90 min dub-fi-dub)
Caveman - Sizzla
Conquering Lion vs Blackat 93
Conquering Lion vs Bodyguard 94
Conquering Lion 93 Mandeville – Garnett Silk, Sanchez, Tony Rebel, Terry Ganzie
Coxsone vs Downbeat vs Mighty Crown 99 Boston
Creation 1988 (vs Saxon) UK – Papa San, Bunny General, Major Mackeral, Dominic, Jr Demus
Creation vs Aries 1989 – Papa San, Dirtsman
Downbeat NY 1980s – Brigi, Josey Wales, Louie Rankin, Lady English
Downbeat 1985 Biltmore NY – Sister Nancy, Johnny Osbourne, Sammy Dread, Papa San, Early B, Brigi, Lone Ranger, Mikey Jarrett
Downbeat 1984 Club Galaxy – Brigi, Louie Rankin, Santa Rankin, Shinehead, Nicodemus, HalfPint, Jr Reid, Sister Carol
Downbeat vs Stereo One 1986 – Nitty Gritty, Brigi, Josey, Louie Rankin, Lady English
Downbeat – Nicodemus, Josey Wales
Downbeat vs Silverhawk vs Innercity 92
Downbeat vs Addies vs Bodyguard 93 London
Downbeat vs Jammys vs Magnum Force 93 Bermuda
Downbeat 1995 NY – Sugar Minott, Charlie Chaplin, URoy, Brigi, Josey, Pad Anthony, Lone Ranger
Downbeat vs Katarock 2000
Downbeat & Sturgav 2002 NY – Rankin Joe, Josey, Brigi, Sammy Dread, Pad Anthony, Michaek Buckley, Madoo, Chaplin, URoy
Downbeat Live in Berlin 2003
Downbeat vs Jaro vs Saxon vs Bodyguard 2002 – Showdown Downtown (all 3 CDs)
Earth Ruler (vs Jaro) 95
Earth Ruler vs LP vs Bass Odyssey 2002 – Biltmore Cup (3 CDs)
Electroforce (vs Jaro) MoBay 92
Emperor Faith 1981 – Rankin Joe
Exodus 4x4 vs Stone Love 96
Exodus 4x4 vs Silverhawk 93
Exodus 4x4 vs Bass Odyssey 94 FL
Exodus 4x4 vs Jaro 95
Exodus 4x4 vs Blackat 2003
Exodus 4x4 vs Bodyguard 2003
Exodus 4x4 – Kingston Signals radio 2002
Exodus Nuclear – Kingston Signals radio
Firelinx – Red Hot FireLinx #1 2003
Firgo Digital 1989 Biltmore – Shabba, Lecturer, Little Twitch
Gemini 1983
Gemini Live 1982 “A Deejay Explosion” (very clean recording)
Gemini 1991 – Ninja & many more
Golden Axe vs Vybez Supreme 97 – Oakland CA
Jack Ruby 1981 St Anns Bay – Brigi vs Nicodemus
Jack Ruby vs Gemini – gem3’s, Prezident Brown, Ducky Simpson
Jah Love 1979 Walker’s Wood – Brigi
Jah Love 1980 Skateland – Brigi, Sassafrass, Yellowman, U Brown
Jah Love 1983 – Brigi & Freddie
Jah Love 1993 – Rankin Joe, Charlie Chaplin, Sister Nancy, U Brown
Jah Love 1993 – Ninjaman, Josey, Jimmy Riley, Sister Nancy
Jah Shaka live in London
Jamaica World Clash 2004 – Blackat, Matterhorn, Mighty Crown, Trooper, Poison Dart
Jammys 1985 – Brigi, Nicodemus, John Wayne, Echo Minott, Louie Rankin (wicked! Brigi pon Sleng Teng @ 33.3)
Jammys 1986 – Major Worries
Jammys 87 – Admiral Bailey, Josey Wales, Little Twitch
Jammys 1990 – Admiral Bailey, Ninjaman, Wickerman, Little Twitch, Risto Benji
Jammys vs Black Scorpio 91
Jammys vs Bodyguard 93
Jammys vs Stone Love 93
Jammys vs Metromedia vs Black Scorpio Nottingham UK 96
JNR Int’l with Jah Mason live on radio 2003
JNR Int’l vs King Tubbys 2004
Killamanjaro 1982 Up-Park-Camp – Brigi, Supercat, Early B, Puddy Roots, Ringo (classic must-have)
Killamanjaro vs Metromedia 1982 – Lone Ranger, Jim Kelly, Tullo T
Killamanjaro 1983 – Supercat, Early B, Dirty Harry
Killamanjaro 1983 – Toyan, Jim Kelly, Sammy Dread, Little John, Danny Dread, Michael Prophet
Killamanjaro 1985 Skateland
Killamanjaro 1985 – Burro, Dirty Harry, Joe Lickshot, Little Twich, Nicodemus
Killamanjaro (vs Silverhawk) 1987 – Ninjaman, Prof. Nuts, Little John, Jr Cat, Mackrel, Barry G & Ainsley
Killamanjaro 1987 – Ninja, Supercat, Early B, Jr Cat, Trooper, Sugar Ray, German
Killamanjaro 1988 - Ninja, Shabba, Anthony RedRose
Killamanjaro 1989 – Ninja, Supercat
Killamanjaro 1990 – Ninja, Charlie Chaplin, Professor Nuts
Killamanjaro vs Bodyguard 89
Killamanjaro vs Stone Love 92 – Charlie Chaplin & more
Killamanjaro vs Blackat 93 Miami
Killamanjaro – Josey, Buju, Burro, Ghost, Roundhead
Killamanjaro (vs Caveman) 96
Killamanjaro (vs Bass Odyssey) 1996 Miami
Killamanjaro vs Poison Dart 96 FL – dub-fi-dub
Killamanjaro vs Metromedia Ft Lauderdale
Killamanjaro vs King Jammys vs Metromedia vs Coxsone 1996 UK
Killamanjaro vs Rodigan 97 NY (3 CDs)
Killamanjaro vs Travellers 97
Killamanjaro vs Bodyguard 98
Killamanjaro vs Blackat 99 FL (dub-fi-dub)
Killamanjaro vs Katarock Spanish Town 99
Killamanjaro vs Poison Dart vs LP 99 Orlando (Freddy on Jaro)
Killamanjaro & LP 99 NY – Jaro 35th anniversary
Killamanjaro vs Mighty Crown 2000 Atlanta
Killamanjaro vs Pieces
Killamanjaro vs Poison Dart (Antigua) vs Blackat 2001 NJ
Killamanjaro (vs TurboForce & Firelinks) 2001 St Elizabeth
Killamanjaro in Matches Lane 2001
Killamanjaro & King Jammys on Kingston Signals radio 2001
Killamanjaro vs Firelinx vs Katarock
Killamanjaro vs Pow Pow 2002 Germany
Killamanjaro – Yellowman & Thriller U Live 2002
Killamanjaro vs Bass Odyssey 2003 NY (3 CDs)
Killamanjaro vs Downbeat vs Sentinel vs Blackat, Germany 2003
Killamanjaro vs Soundwave vs 4x4 Exodus 2003
Killamanjaro juggling “Live Pon De River” 2003
Killamanjaro & Hype Revolution “Live at Thunderbird” 2004
King Sturgav 1983 Clarendon – URoy, Chaplin, Inspector Willy
King Sturgav vs Turboforce 1983 – Josey, URoy, Charlie Chaplin, Philip Frazer
King Sturgav 1985 – Uroy, Tenor Saw, Yami Bolo, Josey Wales, Joe Lickshot
King Sturgav – Supercat, Tenor Saw, Early B, Josey Wales, Yami Bolo
King Sturgav – Brigi, General Trees, Beenie Man
King Sturgav 1986 – URoy, Early B, Edi Fitzroy, Supercat, Jr Cat, Brigi, Nicodemus, Hugh Griffiths, Jesse James
King Sturgav 1998 Brooklyn – Rankin Joe, URoy, Sister Carol, Glen Washington, Jigsy King, Pad Anthony, Philip Frazer
King Sturgav 1998 Birmingham & London UK
King Sturgav 1998 – URoy, Chaplin, UBrown
King Sturgav 1999 – Luciano, Josey Wales, Junior Reid, Jr Cat
King Sturgav – Downsound radio 2002
King Sturgav 2003 – URoy, Adm.Bailey, Flouragon, Daddy Lizard, Clement Irie
King Sturgav vs Jammys vs Scorpio (all sides) 4-11-04 JA
King Tubby 1975 – URoy
King Tubbys vs Nasty Rockers 1982
King Turbo vs Heavyweight 94
King Turbo vs Rebel Tone vs SupaFresh “Fitness” - Toronto
Lee’s Unlimited vs Bass Odyssey
Lightning Sound juggling 2003 Spanish Town
Love Symbol vs Q45 2003
Love Symbol vs Sound Trooper 2003
LP vs Earth Ruler 2003
Luv Injection vs Immortal Injection 2003 UK
Luv Injection vs Bass Odyssey 2003 UK (Bounty-fi-Bounty)
Madd Squad & Sound Trooper “Panther B-Day bash” 2003
Madd Squad with Professor Nuts 2003
Matterhorn vs Bass Odyssey juggling
Matterhorn vs Trooper vs Panther “Who Is Mr Mental” 2003 Japan
Metromedia 1990s – Peter Metro, Danny Dread
Mighty Crown vs Rodigan 2000 Amazura NY
Mighty Crown vs Bass Odyssey 2001 NY “Face Off”
Mighty Crown & Lil Rick 2002 Barbados
Mighty Crown vs Rodigan 2002
Mighty Crown vs Matterhorn “Rumours of War” 2004 Trinidad
OGS Genesis vs Mighty Crown 2000 Bermuda
OGS Genesis & Saxon 2001 Bermuda
One Love vs Kalyweed 2003
One Love & Ricky Trooper on Downsound radio 2003
Osaka Cup 2001 Japan
Panther BDay Bash 2004
Pieces vs Pisces 1993
Poison Dart vs Mellowtone 96
Poison Dart vs Killamanjaro
Poison Dart vs Blackat 2003 FL
Pow Pow vs Sound Trooper
Revival World Cup 98 UK – Gemini vs Coxsone vs Downbeat vs Rodigan
Rodigan vs Barry G 85 – Ashanti Junction
Rodigan vs Barry G – Radio Clash 85 (3 CDs)
Rodigan vs Bodyguard 91 Clarendon
Rodigan vs Bodyguard 1999 Bermuda
Rodigan vs GT Taylor 2002 Toronto
Rodigan vs Soundquake vs Heartical 2003
Rodigan vs Jaro 2003 Germany
Rootsman vs Kalyweed 2003 Italy
Saxon 1984
Saxon with Papa San (1985?)
Saxon (vs Jaro & Unity) 85
Saxon vs Third World 85 NY (3 CDs)
Saxon 85 Glouchester
Saxon 86 Brixton – Supercat, Nicodemus
Saxon vs Supercat
Saxon vs Downbeat 1988 – Lt Stichie, Professor Nuts, Papa San
Saxon vs Rocket 89
Saxon vs Scorpio
Saxon vs Addies 93
Saxon vs Luv Injection 93
Saxon 93 Bristol
Saxon juggling in DC
Saxon 2001 Atlanta
Shashamane Int’l on BBC1Xtra 2003
Silverhawk 1987 – Shabba, Lecturer, Pinchers
Silverhawk 1988 – Josey, Admiral Bailey, Frankie Paul
Silverhawk (vs Downbeat) 88 NY – Ninjaman, Sanchez, Daddy Lizard, Flouragon
Silverhawk vs Stone Love vs Blackstone 91
Silverhawk vs Super Dee 90 Old Harbour
Silverhawk vs Inner City 92
Silverhawk (vs Stone Love) 92 Ochi
Silverhawk vs Stone Love 93
Silverhawk vs Jamrock 93 DC
Silverhawk vs Injection
Silverhawk vs African Star 94
Silverhawk vs Super Dee 94
Sir Coxsone Outernational 2002 Germany
Socialist Roots 1978
Soul To Soul 1979 Skateland
Soul Stereo vs Heartical 2003 France
Souljah One vs LP vs Playbwoy vs Travellers vs Supergold 1996 Bermuda
South Clash #2 - Heartical vs Soul Stereo 2003 France
South Clash #3 – Irie Ites vs Blues Party 2004 France
Sound Trooper in Accompong Jan 2000
Sound Trooper juggling in MoBay 2001
Sound Trooper (vs Blackat) “The Rematch” 2001
Sound Trooper on Downsound radio 2002 (2 CDs)
Sound Trooper vs Q45 2003
Sound Trooper vs Love Symbol 2003
Sound Trooper juggling “Crowning of Killamanjaro” 2003
Sound Trooper & Immortal Injection juggling 2003
Soundquake vs Kalyweed 2003
Stalwart vs Supersonic 2003 Bermuda (friendly dub-fi-dub)
StereoMars 1985 – Supercat, Tenor Saw, Nicodemus
StereoPhonic 1977 – General Echo, UU Madoo
Stereophonic 1980 – Brigi, Gen Echo, Madoo, Barry Brown
Stone Love – Dennis Brown, Cocoa Tea, Singing Melody, Sanchez
Stone Love vs Lees Unlimited 92
Stone Love vs Bodyguard vs Silverhawk
Stone Love (vs Silverhawk) 93
Stone Love vs African Star 95 – Lt Stitchie, Spragga Benz, Bounty Killer
Stone Love vs Exodus 4x4 96
Stone Love (vs Turbophonic) 97 Portmore
Stone Love vs Poison Dart
Super Dee 1994 – Ninja & Bounty live
Supersonic vs Caveman vs Sentinel 2003
Tick-A-Musik 1985 – Supercat, Tonto Irie, Bobby Zorro
Tippatone & Saxon 86 UK
UK Cup 2003
UK Cup 2004
UK National Clash 2003 – Tubbys/WillPower/Klassique/ Immortal/ Missle/ Classic Wonder
Virgo HiFi 1982
Volcano – Josey, Burro, Barrington.Levy, Billy Boyo
Volcano 1983 Skateland – Josey, Don Carlos, Jr Reid, Burro, B.Levy
Waggy T vs Downbeat (dub-fi-dub, no talking)
Waggy T Live @ Lime Key (wicked 90s juggling!)
Waggy T vs Bodyguard 92
Waggy T vs Rodigan 93
Waggy T vs Stone Love 95 dub-fi-dub
Waggy T vs Poison Dart
Waggy T in Atlanta 5-29-04
World Clash 2001 NY
World Clash 2003 NY
Youthman Promotion 1985 – Nitty Gritty, Blacka T, Anthony Johnson, Yami Bolo
Youthman Promotion (vs Jammys, Arrows & Scorpio) – Tenor Saw, John Wayne, Sugar Minott, etc
Youthman Promotion 1985 – Frankie Paul, Tenor Saw, Michael Palmer, Colorman, Jr Reid, Half Pint, Sugar Minott, Yami Bolo
Youthman Promotion 1995 NY – new tune juggling
Youthman Promotion 2004 – WUSB radio
Re: music trades foreward
June 22, 2004 08:56PM
Do any of you have recordings of Sunday nites Spearhead show?

Let me know
Protect the Artists
Re: music trades foreward
June 22, 2004 09:17PM
Wow, it's really disappointing to me to know that all these beautiful artists are getting ripped off by you guys with the bootleg CDs. Just a reminder, SNWMF evicts ANYONE selling bootlegs. Might want to keep that in mind for next year.
Re: music trades foreward
June 22, 2004 09:23PM
I agree the artists should be supported but the thread says 'trades'...there is no profit here. Just people sharing the music. I was going to record the show but didn't want to hassle with carrying everything around. If I had recorded, I wouldn't feel a bit bad about it...I make no profit from it and perhaps I'd get to share with someone who would be turned on to a new artist. Besides, I always buy the released CDs when I'm really into an artist as I'm sure most fans do. Chill out and don't worry!

Sis April
Re: music trades foreward
June 22, 2004 09:41PM
What's more importnat to the musicians?
The furtherance of their message or the $$$$$$$????
jb welda
Re: music money
June 22, 2004 09:55PM
is that a trick question or something? you cant feed your family on vibes.

one love
jah bill
Re: music trades foreward
August 08, 2005 01:15AM
you have a blessed collection of music i want 2 know how i can touch a few of your treasures
Re: music trades foreward
August 08, 2005 08:21AM
Protect yo-self "PTA".
Re: music trades foreward
August 08, 2005 09:55AM
" you cant feed your family on vibes."

Except you're selling vibrators.
Re: music trades foreward
August 08, 2005 05:51PM
"Wow, it's really disappointing to me to know that all these beautiful artists are getting ripped off by you guys with the bootleg CDs. Just a reminder, SNWMF evicts ANYONE selling bootlegs. Might want to keep that in mind for next year."

...no one is selling...it's called trading...check out www.reggaetraders.com...people SHARING, NOT FOR PROFIT..live recordings that were never available for sale...

..chimino...are you ever around on DC++?...I've been trying to pull some of those clashes..have had them queued up for a while but haven't been able to connect...thanks
Re: music trades foreward
August 08, 2005 06:17PM
i am on reggaetraders. com meself and we do only strictly trade. anyone caught selling boots will removed from the list. people have been known to get sued for selling "FREE" music.

i went to this years SNWMF fest and these are the sets i recorded for my personal documentary use and trades. nearly 20gb of uncompressed music.
Queen Omega
Macka B
Omar Silk
Anthony Cruz
Chuck Fenda
Richie Spice

Wadi Gad
Dennis Alcapone (missed beginning)
Natty King (missed beginning)
Lutan Fyah
Sugar Minott (might have missed beginning, don't remember)
Morgan Heritage
Groundation (missed beginning)
Pressure (dancehall)
Stone Love (1st hour or so)
Twinkle Brothers
Winston Jarrett
Soldiers of Jah Army (missed beginning)
Batch & Ras Attitude
Bambu Station
Thomas Mapfumo
Re: music trades foreward
August 08, 2005 06:44PM
hello kinchelow...how can i get one of those trades? only thing is...i don't have anything to trade for it ;0)
Re: music trades foreward
August 08, 2005 06:55PM
call it what you want, but if it looks like a turd and smells like a turd it is most likely a turd. if you don't buy the music you are stealing the music. "trading" toons bypasses the buying process, thereby bypassing royalities to the musicians.
Re: music trades foreward
August 08, 2005 06:57PM
oh never mind. as i re-read the thread i see you-all are referring to taped shows. my rant was about cds/vinyl/etc. nevermind.
Re: music trades foreward
August 08, 2005 07:01PM
Well once again i don't really know. Artist to me are very important me, not only to me but other.
Re: music trades foreward
August 08, 2005 09:31PM
artists are very important to traders as well...that's why we do it...we support live shows...we buy cd's and vinyl...and we trade live shows that aren't for sale(usually only by bands that allow it)...just preserving more of the music
Re: music trades foreward
August 09, 2005 09:53AM
Greetings reggae lovers, this was posted today at reggaetraders.com:

Heres a great read for you to enjoy... If you didnt understand things before, well this is the bluprint that we have used with the RLT and now here.Its not a far stretch to say Garcia's wings are now influencing reggae music right now.....
Tomorrow is 10 years since Garcia left the building...He is missed more than ever..... Bean

From the LA Times today... (8/8/05)

Setting the live music free
Websites enable the exchange of concert recordings, a practice that has
thrived around the Grateful Dead and doesn't bother the music industry.

By Steve Hochman, Special to The Times

A decade after Jerry Garcia died of a heart attack while at a drug
rehabilitation facility on Aug. 9, 1995, the legacy he and the Grateful Dead
left is stronger than ever.

That's not so much a comment about the young fans who follow such
Dead-influenced "jam" bands as the String Cheese Incident. Nor is the band's
spirit to be found in its full flower at Bonnaroo or other festivals
furthering the scene the Dead anchored in its heyday.

If you really want to find the legacy of the Dead and its legion of
Deadheads today, go online.

In recent months there's been an explosion on the Internet of what used to
be called tape trading. This is not the illegal copying of commercially
available music that is being fought by the major record companies. This is
the free, generally legal exchange of fan-made concert tapes, radio
broadcasts and material that was never officially released - by the Dead and
just about anybody else.

It's a world that is growing daily at an exponential rate - and has its
foundation in the community of tapers and traders that initially coalesced
around and was nurtured by Garcia and the Grateful Dead.

"The Dead was the real forerunner," says Brewster Kahle, digital librarian
of Internet Archive (www.archive.org), which features a Live Music Archive
section for concert recordings. "The idea was you sell some things, you give
some things away, and that balance really personified the Grateful Dead.
They started a model."

The Live Music Archive's catalog of recordings just passed 25,000, up from
20,000 in February and half that figure in March 2004. About a tenth of
those are of Grateful Dead shows, and the bulk of the rest are from bands
that share the loose jam aesthetic but not all. The list of performers
represented runs to more than 1,000 and ranges from aggressive Texas rock
outfit And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead to Billy Corgan's
short-lived Zwan.

Such other sites as Dimeadozen and the Traders' Den offer a full spectrum of
selections. There's everything from obscure jazz dates from the '50s to
major rock concerts that happened just a couple of days ago. Want to
download Cream's Royal Albert Hall reunion shows from May? A vintage 1969
concert by the same band? They're there. Bruce Springsteen from the '70s?
Easy. Arcade Fire at Lollapalooza last month? Yours for the taking. This
isn't limited to rock bands with cult followings either. You'll find Mariah
Carey and Ashlee Simpson concerts, and videos as well as audio recordings.

These aren't the sites where you might find the new Mike Jones album or
other commercial releases without paying. These are the places for people
coveting music that can't be bought.

Nothing illustrates the phenomenon more clearly, though, than the fact that
when the White Stripes played the San Diego Street Scene on July 29, a
recording of the show was posted on a download site before midnight - before
many people who saw the show even got home.

"That's great," says White Stripes manager Ian Montone, himself a Grateful
Dead fan. "I love it when people come in and tape and the shows take on an
additional life when fans trade like that, when it's talked about and people
can study the nuances of the shows. It adds to the lore and history."

In fact, Montone says that the band has fan taping to thank for preserving
at least one special part of the band's history - when Jack White joined Bob
Dylan for an encore at the latter's 2004 show in Detroit.

"Thank goodness someone taped that, because otherwise we wouldn't have it,"
he says.

The Recording Industry Assn. of America, the music industry's lobbying
organization that staunchly opposes illegal downloading, piracy and the sale
of bootleg recordings, says that it supports this kind of music trading as
long as the artists approve.

Dan Healy, longtime concert and studio producer for the Dead, was one of the
strongest advocates within the Dead organization not just to allow taping
but to encourage it - resulting in their concerts being known for the seas
of microphones on poles in a special section right in front of the sound
board. Fans would then keep in touch through mailing lists and newsletters,
exchanging tapes of the various concerts. The current cyberspace explosion
is a fulfillment of the kind of community spirit Garcia stood for, he says.

"The more lines that are open, the more people will talk," says Healy.
"That's a figure of speech, but what it means is the more readily
transmutable the stuff is, the more people that always wanted to swap and
trade will do it. The more conversations, the more swapping of music the
better. If anything it makes it more special. It's like love - the more you
use it, the stronger it gets"

And it is a community, or perhaps many interlocking communities, each with
its own set of rules and ethics. Policies vary greatly from site to site.
Some are anything-goes, but the ones that adhere most to the spirit of the
Dead have strict regulations prohibiting anything commercially available or
from artists who have not authorized such trading. The Traders' Den is among
the latter.

"Nothing that is available commercially is allowed in any way, period," says
one of the Traders' Den's administrators, who asked that he be identified
only by his screen name, bill_kate. "There are a few bands that have
expressed certain restrictions on how and what can be traded. We respect
these wishes."

Brian Wilson is among the several dozen performers whose name appears on a
"banned" list used by many sites' administrators. His views, though, were
shaped not by circulation of concert tapes but of unauthorized releases that
pieced together unfinished elements of his long-delayed "Smile" project,
which he finally completed and released himself last year.

" 'Smile' was one of the most-bootlegged albums for many years," says Jean
Sievers, Wilson's co-manager. "It wasn't a finished work and it wasn't what
he wanted, and he was upset that people were taking those tapes and
spreading his unfinished work over the globe."

Other rules that are widely followed, at least on the sites most in line
with the Dead-spurred taping community, include asking users to put music
files in forms with the highest possible audio fidelity, using "lossless"
formats such as FLAC or SHNN rather than compressing the data to
lower-fidelity MP3 files. Posters are also asked to provide as much
information as possible about the sources of the recording and, if known,
equipment used to record in the first place.

But one rule is most adamantly stated by administrators and users alike: The
music is not to be sold.

"There is no money changing hands," says Kahle. "This was the ethos back in
the day - you couldn't even charge for the cassette you dubbed music onto.
People really stuck to that. What was interesting to me was the level of
labor and love put in by everyone involved."

Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars (a band whose spirited
blues-rooted shows are common in trading circles) says that, over the years,
bootlegs - whether bought in stores or traded - played an important role in
his music education.

"There's a bootleg film of the Allman Brothers," says the guitarist.
"Something else I collected over the years is Bob Marley live stuff. That
moves me more than even his regular records. And Jimi Hendrix, of course!
Live Hendrix!"

Dickinson himself has not experienced the Internet side of this - he doesn't
own a computer. But fans have routinely given him tapes and CDs they've made
of his band's concerts.

"I have a collection of tapes people have given me, and to me that makes the
21 hours of the day that's spent off stage worthwhile," he says. "People
care and have documented what we do and it makes it worthwhile."

In a twist, although the easy connections have increased availability of
unofficial releases, they have pretty much killed the profiteering that long
went on in that world, a form of piracy that has long been fought by the
music business.

ICE magazine, a monthly that targets collectors, has long chronicled the
"gray area" of bootlegging and says that the boom time for Internet sharing
has brought sad times for that black market's profit-minded members - and a
much harder hit than that anything the "real" music business is suffering
because of bootlegging.

"There's no question that the wind has been taken out of the financial sails
of the bootleg world by this free exchange," editor Pete Howard says.
"Bootleg CDs used to be pressed in the thousands, if not tens of thousands,
for each title. Now, though it's funny and ironic to hear the manufacturers
moan and groan, no more than 500 copies is usual."

Meanwhile, the Grateful Dead continues to balance commerce and freedom.
Despite so many recordings readily available on the Internet, the official
releases of live albums continue at a steady pace, with the "Dick's Picks"
series now standing at three dozen titles alone, complemented by other live
releases, as well as a newer program of Garcia solo concert recordings. Many
make the argument that one feeds the other.

"We've really hit on something with this community," says Internet Archive's
Kahle. "And yeah, it all came from the Grateful Dead, and it will give them
a long life. They're still selling stuff, and there are young kids involved.
It is relevant."
Spliff Smoker
Re: music trades foreward
August 09, 2005 03:48PM
How can trading live music be stealing from the artist? They aren't selling it? It is not like burning copies of their CDs. If anything it may boost an artist's sales. If I were to get Kinchelow's recordings I might be turned on to one of the up and coming artists. I might go buy a Queen Omega CD after hearing her live version, or I may avoid buying crappy CD just because everyone else like the artist. It's a win win eh?
I copy, download through peer to peer etc. I never would have heard half the artists that I have heard from that.
Re: music trades foreward
August 09, 2005 05:35PM
Nice list Chimmy! I'm gonna have to check over it & see if I have anything worth trading for any of them...just rec'd a live BMW cd of a show I was at back in the day...don't have it here but it's from the Boarding House in SF 7/7/75...

I don't understand Jerry-ism...the deification of a kind and mellow but self-destructive drug abusing guitar noodler after his death basically by his own hand is beyond my ken. Nor did the Dead's meandering live music much affect the development of reggae in any way, tribute album notwithstanding.
Re: music trades foreward
August 09, 2005 06:00PM
too each I own, ask many reggae artists who still big up Jerry. Play jerry Play...

development of reggae was and still is supported by "deadheads" that were/are affected by the Dead's meandering live music...

Different strokes, all influencing...

Re: music trades foreward
August 09, 2005 10:36PM
music touches and heals people...many people were touched and healed by jerry....
Re: music trades foreward
August 09, 2005 10:39PM
Tickets were selling way in advance
Campers were camping way in advance
For the big celebration
For the big celebration
The food man, always be there
The water man, always be there
The merchandise man, always be there
Play Jerry play, Play your guitar
Greatful Dead Jamming
Greatful Dead Jamming
It's like an angel, reaching up to paradise
Greatful Dead Jamming
Greatful Dead Jamming
Play Jerry play, Play your guitar
Jerry been knowing in America
Jerry been knowing in a Europe
Jerry been knowing in a Japan
Jerry been knowing in a England
Jerry been knowing all over
Greatful Dead Jamming
Greatful Dead Jamming
Play Jerry play, Play your guitar
Play Jerry play, Play your guitar

Big excitement was in California
Big excitement was in Chicago
Big excitement was on Long Island
Greatful Dead Jamming
Greatful Dead Jamming
Play Jerry play, Play your guitar
Play Jerry play, Play your guitar

Tickets were selling way in advance
Campers were camping way in advance
For the big celebration
For the big celebration
The food man, always be there
The water man, always be there
The merchandise man, always be there
Play Jerry play,
Play Jerry play, Play your guitar
Greatful Dead Jamming
Greatful Dead Jamming

So the fans should remember, remember Jerry
and his music
So the fans should remember, remember Jerry
and his music
These fans are Diehearted fans
These fans are Deadhead fans
These fans are Diehearted fans
These fans are Deadhead fans
Greatful Dead Jamming
Greatful Dead Jamming
Play Jerry play, Play your guitar
Play Jerry play, Play your guitar
jb welda
Re: music trades foreward
August 09, 2005 11:00PM
>many people were touched and healed by jerry

exactly the kind of thinking that made jerry garcia look for shelter in hard drugs.

too bad people didnt just treat him like a fellow human being instead of bum rushing him everywhere he went. saw him in a supermarket in mill valley one day and all these people were crowding around him. he was looking like "hey i just want to buy a pack of cigarettes and get the hell out of here".

personally i stopped listening to the gd in about 74 but i always respected them for one thing or another, either rex foundation or teh wall of sound or full show sound checks or whatever, but couldnt dig that coke and smack scene that they seemed to fall into later in the 70s and on out.

one love
jah bill
Re: music trades foreward
August 10, 2005 12:42AM
Nobody was a bigger fan of GD than I was in high school (I got suspended more than once from opting to hitch up to the city to see the Dead in lieu of previously scheduled detention appointments with the Dean of Boys)...but I rapidly fell off their bandwagon when I saw them reveling in dosing people with acid just for the hell of it, which apparently they thought was doing the world a public service. Can you spell 'mind-rape'? In any case, the intrepid exploration of the human consciousness (which is how we cavalierly defined it at the time) rapidly deteriorated into drug abuse in the form of speed, heroin and cocaine, of which the Dead and their fans were among the leaders. (this was in the late 60s to early 70s btw jb) There were some great minds involved in their success, including the folks who made them their sound equipment and instruments, but somewhere along the line the drugs gained more prominence.
Re: music trades foreward
August 10, 2005 03:36AM
...I hear ya on the excesses and darkness of the dead scene and jerry...but my memories are overwhelmingly positive....and I'm thankful for all the music I hear jerry play....and taking a moment in the day to give thanks and show some remembrance I'm all for it....
binghi g
Re: music trades foreward
August 10, 2005 08:00PM
you have the greatest collection of clashes i ever seen in life!

I want to get a hold of dem addies clash in the late ninties my lawd...can we work a deal or something?
Re: music trades foreward
August 10, 2005 08:11PM
>must get list in order but would take sum very longs hours to do so has they pile up by the hunDREADS!
>for all those who want to control the free-air waves. u r' crazy haz a fox* cant done*
Re: music trades foreward
August 10, 2005 08:20PM
if you dont have anything to trade i can do you a bnp. send suffecient amount of disc for each show/set a return bubble mailer and enough return postage to get it back to you.

i was turned on to Midnites 2002 virginia show and since then i have suppoerted them by going to see thier shows. i would have never really known who they were if i didn't get a show. midnite doesn't allow taping of thier shows of course, but now i am a fan becasue someone turned me on to one of thier taped shows.

i gave a copy of a leo kottke show to one of my math professors one year and she loved it so much she took her husband to see him the following weekend in town and is now a fan of a mans music she never knew existed.

i gave my african american history teacher copies of a few shows i recorded recently which included bambu stations 7-3-2005 at worldbeat center, thomas mapfumo snwmf 2005, and oliver mtukudzi 6-26-2005 at the temple bar in santa monica, ca. giving him these might turn him into a fan now. i'll find out if he enjoyed them today when i go in to give my 2 presentational speeches on hailes un 1963 speech, and john browns raid on harpers farry.

here is a text info that i had to my live concert list. i list this text with the artist for every show i record. this was a show from last week i went and saw on my birthday in which i recorded for future memoirs and maybe grandchildren to share in. now i may pass this recording on and blender may gain a new fan.

Everton Blender & The Blend Dem Band
SOHo Bar and Grill
Santa Barbara, CA
Aug. 2nd, 2005


Taper: Arawak420
Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6/EL > PA-6 > Neuros HD II @ 48.1khz/16bit
Location: FOB 15"ft back
Transfer: Neuros HD II > Soundforge 7.0 > WAV @ 48.1kHz/16bit
Editing/Tracking: Sound Forge 7.0 (resample 44.1khz/16bit) > Cd Wave 1.8 > WAV
Conversion: Wav > EAC (0.9b4 Acurate Stream 100%) > Wav > mkwACT 0.97b > shn.

File Size: 1.45gb wav.

Disc 1:
Iesha Blender
4.Bad Boy
7.Boy Lollipop
Everton Blender
17.Mark My Word
Disc 2:
Excellent show w/ a small crowd and plenty of room to boogie. this was my birthday treat to myself and i even got in FREE. The Blend Dem band is prolly one of the tightess bands i have seen in the reggae organization. such a sweet show and full of Jah Love all over the club. sound guy did an excellent job as well.

Support live music and live musicians
Never pay for "bootlegs" or live recordings


Trading reggae shows for non comercial home use..Jah music is for love, NOT FOR SALE.Spreading the message by spreading the music...

SHN's made from original recording sources

Compiled by: Arawak420@yahoo.com (8-03-2005)
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