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A Poem.

Posted by Prince-Kali-Wolf 
A Poem.
June 07, 2004 07:20PM
-Where is the love, the winter white dove? Cuzz the dispare is almost everywhere.
It is spring now, summer soon - hot as hell even on the dark side of the moon, Evil means and disscussions of greed suffocate me in the present history - for the present future is silent, untold what it'll unfold I hope is pure as gold & the Lotus will bloom, and soon you will too - all I can see is the black, and then you. My thoughts are now slow - I realize im outta control. Im mostly clear when I look in the mirror - my face it hit the door, then melted to the floor. I pick it back up Longer than before and walked out that door onto the open shore.
All I want to do is be free with you and share my love for one and all. To dive into the pools of jewels and shine all day long with the sparkles of love and the joyce of song!
Thank you.
Re: A Poem.
June 07, 2004 08:35PM
oh ya: Eleven Days!!!!!!!
Uno Uno
YEAH baby

Happy Trails
Re: A Poem.
June 07, 2004 08:39PM
What's up PKW! Nice words - once I get my soundz back in order we need to dub up some poetry my friend..

Soon, yes - soon indeed!
Re: A Poem.
June 08, 2004 07:26PM
Awsome, you just put a smile on my face brother. We must hook up=)
soon, yes soon.

Peace and love - Always

Happy Trails
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