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RV parking area questions

Posted by Sis April 
RV parking area questions
June 08, 2004 02:39PM

I have not been to this venue for a long, long time and have a question.
Is the RV parking area NICE???? Is it grassy? Shade trees? Plenty o' space inbetween vehicles?
I just remember lots of dust and hope to avoid that nightmare this year.
Please let I know.
Also, I was told camping passes including RV were only available at the gate. And then some volunteer folks told me the RV passes were all sold out. What's up?
Another question--- what time do the gates open on friday to park?

Sis April
Re: RV parking area questions
June 08, 2004 05:52PM
OOOOh I got a question or two too. I sent in early for an RV space and got one.....(Sorry sis april, best of luck and good vibes..) I was wondering what is the earliest I could occupy this space, as we have a massive RV, and it will be a pain to pull in.

Also one for Sis April, I went swimming in the lake at new melones a few years back but I have never come early to the event in an RV. Will there be room for another big RV to park for the night at new melones? I would love to share some good feelings with the massive on Thursday nite...just looking for info really.

See all of you in a few short days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: RV parking area questions
June 08, 2004 06:00PM
The site will open at 9:00 a.m. for all campers and RVs, both those with a reservation for a hook-up as well as those with no reservations.

There is still plenty of space for RVs, just no more hook-ups available.
Re: RV parking area questions
June 08, 2004 07:12PM
Thanks Daniel......

I see your on your toes as usual! Keep those informative answers coming!

See u there
Re: RV parking area questions
June 09, 2004 04:46AM
Do you expect there to be plenty of rv spots available without reservation? We will be in the line up at 8am prompt! (if not earlier)
Or do you think I should reserve now?

Heck ya, plenty o' room at on thursday night!

Give thanks,
Sis April
Re: RV parking area questions
June 09, 2004 02:19PM
The reservations were for RV Hookups, and those have all been taken. There will be plenty of RV spots whenever you arrive, just none with Hookups
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