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How 2 cook w/o fire

Posted by RedRider 
How 2 cook w/o fire
June 08, 2004 06:43PM
I heard that their is no fire allowed in the camp site and I had to wonder does that include BarBQ's?

I've never been and I'd like to eat like a king any ideas?
Re: How 2 cook w/o fire
June 08, 2004 07:01PM
I think the Coleman style propane stoves are okay... no open flame grills though. Hopefully Daniel and staff will clarify this....

The last few years - my group has brought less and less food. All you really need is some snack type stuff if you can afford to eat from the vendor choices. You'll spend much more time having fun, less time preparing food...and the food is very good!
Re: How 2 cook w/o fire
June 08, 2004 07:29PM
Make a king sandwich.
Re: How 2 cook w/o fire
June 08, 2004 07:31PM
Yes I find myself bringing less and less food each year, last year I mostly just ate raw fruit, vegetables, bread and nuts. Also with a saucepan, frying pan and a propane stove you pretty much have all you need to prepare hot meals. Last year I brought a couple of vegan india meals, pre-made in sealed pouches. Just heat and serve with some naan bread, delicious!! DubGuy is right on about the food inside the venue, awesome!!(It is a little expensive though so unless you got the cash, bring enough to suplement.
Re: How 2 cook w/o fire
June 08, 2004 08:23PM
Open flames, no way.
Propane, no problem.

Hell, Coleman should be a sponsor of this event as these kind of rules will definately keep them in business......
Re: How 2 cook w/o fire
June 08, 2004 08:31PM
I second the less is better idea. If you can afford it, the vendors are the way to go. It's less to worry about and you can spend more time around the music than your campsite. Four words - The Bean Pie Man!!!!!! The most important thing when you go to your campsite is to think rehydration. Keep the water intake up.

In terms of flame, a couple of years ago my buddies and I were in the RV hookup area and we brought a gas grill. We made some killer chicken and steak on the grill and made burritos with all the fixings. I don't know if it was allowed, but we did it and there were no problems. When we pulled up to show our tickets, the guy that checked the RV for dogs saw the grill and did not say anything about it. So my assumption is it is OK to have a gas grill, but not an open fire or charcoal grill. Are gas grills considered open flame?

Re: How 2 cook w/o fire
June 08, 2004 10:30PM
Yes, are gas grills ok? Mine is a gas grill with a flame that cooks the food. I'm bringing a friend that is a meat eater. The kind that must have charded meat daily. He is planning on buying a portable gas grill.
Will that work?
Re: How 2 cook w/o fire
June 08, 2004 10:32PM
Well gas grills are powered by propane so I guess it's OK
Re: How 2 cook w/o fire
June 09, 2004 01:11AM
When we first starting going to fest, i cooked everything, because i really wanted to save on money, but as time pasted, it become so much eaiser to eat at the show.. Plus, i was able try some foods i had never had before. and now we have our fav's.. We have seen people with little propane grills cooking it up... I just find it easy to eat raw food when camping at the show.. Plus my engery level stays high when we eat more raw food.. Heavy food also puts me down for a nap.. And looking at Saturday, there will be no napping.. LOL.. I can't wait for the show..
Re: How 2 cook w/o fire
June 09, 2004 03:02PM
you can cook with propane , i did last year
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