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advice on visiting Nine Mile,JA

Posted by dj745 
advice on visiting Nine Mile,JA
December 23, 2005 10:27PM
hi, i am planning a trip to Nine Mile in 2006. i wanted to get some advice on best times to visit, i am planning on going there in february 2006 if i can, i have friends that can take me there from kingston, just unsure what to expect.

also wanted to find out if any annual shows/ dances will be taking place around feb 6th in kingston. i really found a post on Rebel Salute very helpful from a few weeks ago its just a shame i cant make it for that.

Re: advice on visiting Nine Mile,JA
December 23, 2005 11:21PM
Nine Mile is a wonderful day trip. There is usually a show up there for Bob's birthday and as nice as that is, it also makes it more chaotic. Bob and his half brother are laid to rest in the same vault. His mother, Cedella, can often found at the house on the premises. If you have never been there, it is worth a trip no matter what. I enjoyed having some time in the mausoleum by myself and also I was lucky to have a few minutes with Cedella on her porch. That probably would not have happened during an extremely busy time. There are always shows around the island in memory of Bob around his birthday, and as I said, there is often one in Nine Miles.

Bob's mausoleum

this is across the street where Bunny grew up

View of Nine Miles from the Marley land

road leading to Mausoleum

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papa ray
Re: advice on visiting Nine Mile,JA
December 23, 2005 11:26PM
A fine way to spend the day if you get the chance, up in the hills....peaceful
runnin's @ 9 Miles.
Re: advice on visiting Nine Mile,JA
December 24, 2005 12:32PM
Sound advice here. I never visit JA without a trip to likkle 9 mile, St. Ann.
I love to visit for Bob's Birthday weekend, but Sis Irie is right, it can crowd tings a bit. 9 Mile is way up in the hills and the likkle one lane road is packed for the concert they hold during the weekend. The concert there is held at the village soccer field, but as of late is not the best lineup on island. I went a couple years back, stayed in Discovery Bay, and found concerts in 9 mile, Negril, Port Antonio, and Kingston all on the same night to Celebrate Bob's 59th. The Bob Marley Foundation has a site in 9mile at the mausoleum and also in Kingston at the Hope Road museum. For Bob's birthday that year, we decided on the Hope Road show as the lineup was I vibes. I would recommend this show. We found ourselves dancing next to Bunny and Kymani and saw an onslaught of current reggae superstars, also some oldies like Junior Byles! Once you arrive you can kinda feel out the lineups around island and choose the best for you. For a dose of our experience check the following link:

Mystic Marley Moment

Also, if you are an herbalist, you'll find early Feb is about perfect for dried, cured trees. If that is your thing, 9mile is nice for hiking to the fields. I've got many many friends there and can link you with some contact #'s.

Cedella is often around 9mile, but I think she is usually in Miami during Bob's birthday weekend. All the Marley kids used to come back to 9mile for the concert weekend , but I think most stay around Miami these days.

Wish InI could join you this year. Hope the I meks it!

Re: advice on visiting Nine Mile,JA
December 24, 2005 03:32PM
thanks for the advice.
i was thinking the same that going to 9 mile on feb 6th would be kinda busy but i just needed to confirm that. from the above posts, im thinking of going there a few days before (ive never been to 9 mile so i dont want it to be a bad/ negative experience due to too many people being there/ commercialism, etc) and then to find out about the show/s taking place in kingston on feb 6th.

does anyone have any idea how to go about finding out about the shows in ja at this time?

ps some great pics Sista Irie, thanks!
Re: advice on visiting Nine Mile,JA
December 24, 2005 06:51PM
There is almost always a show on Hope Road. I am not certain that it is exactly on the 6th but maybe on the weekend before or after. Someone here might know. I will be in Ja in a few weeks and can find out more if someone doesn't report back before then.

BTW, Luciano has a wonderful Black History Month stageshow in Feb. That is the one I would want to go to the most in February if I could. It's out in the country and pure Ras vibes.

Luciano in the clouds
copyright Conscious Party photos 2005

Luciano at Montreal International Reggae Festival
copyright Conscious Party photos 2005

"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
Re: advice on visiting Nine Mile,JA
December 25, 2005 10:22AM
thanks Sista Irie, i would love to get some dates for the shows at Hope Road / Luchys show in Feb. i have tried the BMW websites none of which have any info though.
Re: advice on visiting Nine Mile,JA
January 14, 2006 01:16PM
hi, just got this thru from Bob Marley Foundation if anyones interested:
anyone out in JA during this week?

Please see attached a copy of our weeks schedule.
Also there will be a show in Negril during the time of our Bob Marley week
the contact person is Cubba (876) 851-8831

JCDC will also be having a show in St. Ann you can contact them at (876)

The Bob Marley Week – 2006

Theme – “ Positive Vibrations ”

Sunday February 5th – 8.30am Church Service – Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Monday February 6th – 10.30am - Unveiling of National Heritage Plaque at The Bob Marley Museum at 56 Hope Road in association with The Jamaica National Heritage Trust.

7 – 9pm Cultural Vibration Concert at The Bob Marley Museum, 56 Hope Road. Contribution of $300.00 Ja.

Tuesday February 7th – 6.30 pm. Bob Marley Movie - 1976 One Love Peace Concert at The Bob Marley Theatre located at the Museum, 56 Hope Road. Contribution of $ 100.00 Ja.

Wednesday February 8th – Art & Craft Booths on the grounds of the Museum. This continues until Saturday February 11th.

Thursday February 9th – Art & Craft Booths continue

Friday February 10th – Creative Expressions Day. Schools present cultural items and compete for prizes. This activity is open to the invited schools and teachers only.

Saturday February 11th – Ital Food Festival along with Art & Craft Booths.

Wednesday March 1st – ( Ash Wednesday ) – One Love Football Match at Boy’s Town.

All proceeds from the contributions will go towards educational activities for inner city residents.

The Robert Marley Foundation, 56 Hope Road, Kingston 6 Tel: (876) 978-2991/2929 Fax: (876) 978-4906
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