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Just realized

Posted by bun n cheese 
Just realized
June 09, 2004 02:19AM
That this time next week, I will be on the road.

Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 03:05AM
Lucky you.
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 04:17AM
Where are you coming from bun n cheese?
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 03:02PM
Oregon. P-town. sepatown. sa da tay.
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 03:25PM
BnC -
You gonna check out the Dezarie/Ikahba concert up there tomorrow night????
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 03:33PM
I wouldnt miss it. When Dezarie and Midnite came last time, I thought Dezarie was the better of the two. Midnite puts me to....zzzzzz.
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 03:35PM
Whats the scoop on Ikahba? St Croix obviously... Is he boring?
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 03:39PM
Ikahba is so lively on stage
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 03:39PM
Sweet, bring it!
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 03:50PM
Hey bnc, Have you always had to drive all the way from Oregon?
I was just wondering because I live in Sacramento, which is only about an hour and a half away from the festival. How does everyone that has to drive far make it home? Speaking for myself, it is a challege to get back because I'm so spent and tired. I can't image having to drive to another state.
That is commitment for you!
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 03:51PM

P-town! Love that beautifully lush place! Now THAT is a great city to live in! You can walk out the door & find yourself in a wilderness, inside the city. I'm hoping to move there some day.
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 03:55PM
Yes Zana, I always drive from here. I love to drive, so it is not a big deal for me, it is a part of the vacation. I break it up to make it easy. I take a couple of days to get home to decompress.
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 04:02PM
Alexsis, I love this place too. I travelled around to find the right spot. As chance would have it, I worked for a company that had an office here, so I just transferred. I can see Forrest Park from my office window. I walk there for lunch sometimes. The reggae scene is pretty lame tho. The hippy scene is vibrant. So is the Pro-Wrestling scene. And the Vespa scene...They dress up like clowns and ride around in packs and take over bars. I was at this bar one time, and all these buzzing scooters pulled, within a few minutes, the whole place was packed with clowns. It was surreal.
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 04:23PM
Clowns? Scary...
Bun n Cheese - I can't believe Midnite put you to sleep! I'm listening to Unpolished right now - reminds me a whole lot of the Twinkle Brothers. Very rootical...but perhaps rootical is not your thing. What styles do you prefer?

Anyhow - if you make all the way down Thursday night - New Melones on the south end my friend - lots of drums and irie 'appenings...
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 04:30PM
Count me in, I will be there.
Should I need to make a reservation or anything???
Won't get in till the evening.

Unpolished was a good album, probably my favorite. That slow rootical vibe for hours and hours (like they like to play) puts me under. I like a little mix up.
I love all reggae in doses. Dancehall, Lovers Rock, and Rub-a Dub are what get me tho.
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 04:51PM
Speaking of clowns, I have a painting above the toilet in my bathroom of a clown grabbing himself. When men use the bathroom, it is like a mirror image.
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 05:06PM
LOL - classic!

I just called (877-444-6777) and yes you can make reservations (I just did!). The gates are open until 11:00 at Manzanita Campground (Tuttletown Recreation Area). I have site #3 (wherever that may be). I think it's 8:00/person (the site says 8:00, but they charged me $16.00 for the 2 of us). She said something about group reservations being able to get the lock combination for the gate, but I plan on being settled down way before 11:00! Hope you can make it!

I'm going to copy this over to the other thread...

WOooo HOOOoooooo!
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 05:12PM

MIdnite is just a little mellow sometimes, you got to be totally irie, irie, irie,

to groove to the real mellow music, that's my opinion anyway. I always enjoy

something from all the artists that show up, some I enjoy more than others,

but I always get something special from all of them.

Great Musicians always have that impact on me, all different kinds, rock,

reggae, and even some hip-hop. I've been getting into Talib Kweli's music,

aswell as KRS-One. Much luv to you all!!! Ras Mosis
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 05:55PM
Bugs (Bun) did you get that disc that I sent ya?
Re: Just realized
June 09, 2004 06:14PM
Not yet...I will get yours in the mail tomorrow.
Re: Just realized
June 10, 2004 01:23AM
"I open my mouth and speak these parables, oh yeah"

Pull UP!!!

run track....

This CD is well nice DJ rasta-i.

Getting the last one burned for you right now.
Re: Just realized
June 10, 2004 03:41PM
Ras Mosis I have also been diggin on Talib Kwali. In addition to reggae I love conscious lyrics in hip hop and rap. Although occasionally I will listen to west coast gansta rap. It is just not as fullfilling.
Re: Just realized
June 10, 2004 04:07PM
Bugs, there is a much better version of that parables song on the PRINCE HAMMER COMP.
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