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SNWMF another wish for the list

Posted by Sista Irie 
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SNWMF another wish for the list
January 08, 2006 03:35PM
Please consider Tarrus Riley and his father, Jimmy. Not only is Tarrus a strong performer in his own right, but having the two would be a beautiful combination. Check out the single Stronger where the two collaborated. Tarrus will be performing this Saturday night at Rebel Salute.

Zema, a California LA entertainer is also performing at Rebel Salute this Saturday. She gave a nice set at Western Consciousness in Sav La Mar last March. She also has been recording with the Gladiators and has put together a few singles with Mark Wonder for her new album. Wake up California, here is great female talent right under your nose who is overlooked at all the festivals. Wha gwaan?

sorry, not a great photo of Tarrus

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