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things can always get worse

Posted by jb welda 
jb welda
things can always get worse
January 11, 2006 07:41PM
A biology graduate student went to Borneo to take some samples for his
thesis work. He flew there, found a guide with a canoe to take him up
the river to the remote site he where he would make his collections.
About noon on the second day of travel up the river they began to hear
drums. Being a city boy by nature, the biologist was disturbed by this.
He asked the guide, "What are those drums?" The guide turned to him and
said, "Drums OK, but VERY BAD when they stop."

Well the biologist settled down a little at this, and things went
reasonably well for about two weeks. Then, just as they were packing up
the camp to leave, the drums suddenly stopped! This hit the biologist
like a ton of bricks (to coin a phrase), and he yelled at the guide,
" The Drums have stopped, What happens now?"

The guide crouched down, covered his head with his hands and said:
" Bass Solo"

one love
jah bill
pale ryder
Re: things can always get worse
January 11, 2006 08:15PM
Re: things can always get worse
January 11, 2006 08:19PM
An explorer and his guide are trudging through the vine-festooned jungle, hacking their path through the underbrush with a machete, when suddenly they hear deep, ominous drums in the distance. The drums stop, then start up again, and the guide mutters, "I don't like the sound of those drums." The drums suddenly stop, and a distant voice calls out, "it's not our regular drummer."
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