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The Alito Process

Posted by goatfoot 
The Alito Process
January 12, 2006 07:45AM
Brothers and Sisters,
Do not be fooled, this will affect us for generations. They might as well ban our organic farms, right to choose, and festivals (as well as 10,000 other things that we care about as a people). Please do what you can (which is give a homeless person a blanket) cause we are @#$%&!

Re: The Alito Process
January 12, 2006 08:18AM
What a crock. The only good thing is some republicans are finally coming around - albiet a bit late. I hope all you lazy non-party people get down and vote this time around (not saying you're one Goatfoot) - because guess what - all the moronic hard-line republicans DO. (no sleep for the wicked)

We put an idiot in the oval office and now all his buddies are deep rooted in the system - we're fooked!

Exercise your body, exercise your mind, exercise you right!! I mean - can it really HURT!?!?!
Re: The Alito Process
January 13, 2006 08:14AM
Thank you Dubguy

What are we gonna do for Thursday nite camping this year? Guess we will have to wait and make a new thing of it eh? This year I am thinking full band, no rain and one night to remember (not unlike last year)

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