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PDX Crew - THIS FRIDAY 1/13/06 - DJ Short Change & Johnny Horn @ Pala Lounge

Posted by shortchange 
Big up Portland massive... First time I posted a pic on here so hope it work, big up Xacto for the guidance. Wanted to drop this out there for tomorrow night. I know HR of Bad Brains is in town @ the Wonderball room, but if your looking for something different or can make it i'd love to see ya.

Johnny Horn is my favorite dj of the west coast and I'm honored to bring him to town for some reggae/dancehall lounge style @ Pala.



hey change!

never heard of this place, but we'll try and make it out, since we'll be out and about as it is tonight. what's the deal with this gig. is it djs spinning between music sets, or just djs in the lounge where you'll be (basically i'm wondering how much reggae i'll be hearing)??? maybe i can get papa xacto out too!


Re: PDX Crew - THIS FRIDAY 1/13/06 - DJ Short Change & Johnny Horn @ Pala Lounge
January 14, 2006 12:37AM
hey mk! great to hear from ya, nuff respect in the 2K6 new year. i'd love to see yall tonight. this is some new plush spot downtown in chinatown across from tube. guess it's the new house spot after the ohm shut down. Johnny Horn and I will be djing alllllllllll night long starting @ 9pm in the 'lounge'... All reggae music, ya dun know. sounds like xacto is going out to seaside with the fam and cansaman... big up all crew!

well, phrases like "new plush spot downtown" usually kill it for me, but since i know the reggae will be well criss, i will make the effort to get down there tonight. are you spinning all kinds of reggae, or sticking to the newer sounds you're known for?!

see you tonight, star!


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