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Original Wailers Reunion Tour

Posted by Ovah 
Original Wailers Reunion Tour
January 13, 2006 02:26AM
Posted on behalf of Sistah Judith


Original Wailers Reunion Tour

The original Wailers Band including Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Carleton Barrett will again be taking to the stage on a wide ranging tour. The Wailers, originally from a small planet called Urth out on the edge of a typical galaxy known to you as the Milky Way, will be touring places presently beyond your comprehension. The tour is being called ‘Survival.’

A host of opening acts will include: Louis Armstrong, Dennis Brown, Augustos Pablo, Mario Lanza, Prince Far I, Curtis Mayfield, Justin Hinds, Marvin Gay, Hugh Mundel, Garnet Silk and many more to numerous to name. MC duties will be handled by Richard Prior.

The Wailer’s repertoire for the Survival Tour will include their well known favorites as well as many amazing new songs inspired by their recent travels and teachers. The Wailers also wish it to be known that they will be coming with an expanded philosophy and cosmology. So, no matter how fixed you are in any spiritual outlook, name-brand or otherwise, don’t expect the same old same old.

Disney will not be a corporate sponsor or in any way be associated with the Survival Tour, nor will there be any association with beer, cosmetic or shoe companies.

Tickets are not available at all your usual outlets. As a matter of fact this is a souled-out tour and no amount of money will get you a ticket. These are all benefit concerts and to gain admission you must prove you have faithfully participated in ‘feeding the hungry, healing the sick, clothing the naked and freeing the captives.’ ‘Live for yourself – you will live in vain – Live for others – you will live again.’

Stay tuned to the uninet for tour dates and further developments. This tour will be happening sooner than you expect.

Wake up and Live
Sistah Judith
The conquering mother-hen of 10,000 equally blessed tribes
El Gato
Re: Original Wailers Reunion Tour
January 17, 2006 03:32PM
Wow ! The Conquering Mother-Hen of 10,000 equally blessed tribes
That's food for thought.

Anyways Mother-Hen I would like to put in a request that
Mahalia Jackson and Brother Iz be on the bill
Re: Original Wailers Reunion Tour
January 17, 2006 07:31PM
Marvin GAY---so he must be happy he's jamming with the other gay's in happy heaven
I'll be at a show like this ?????????????????
Re: Original Wailers Reunion Tour
January 24, 2006 06:26PM
I loved this piece, done tastefully and cleverly. In truth, there is a kind of reunion video, done privately for Carlos Santana. The occassion was the first release on Carlos' own label, Guts and Grace, called "Live Forever," which featured filmed excerpts from some of the final performances of late greats Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Bob Marley. One of Carlos' videographers made a pastiche video of scenes including all of them, over the soundtrack of the opening song of Bob's last concert in Pittsburgh, on September 23, 1980 - "Natural Mystic." I screened it at the conclusion of all six of the "Life of Bob Marley" multi-media presentations just completed in Israel. People loved it, and many tears were shed.

There were all kinds of audiences, from dread-locked members of kibbutzim (that's the plural word for the communes) that were under almost daily shelling from the West Bank, to African diplomats and many straight media types who jammed the 500-seat Tel Aviv Museum, in a show where that rare combination of factors finally all came together after 21 years of doing these presentations: good show, great audience - and it was filmed. It will be available on Israel's Hot VOD cable channel next month. But a caveat - it's just my lecture parts, including dozens of rare photos from the ark-hives, but it does not contain any of the Marley videos, which are owned and copyrighted by Universal/Island and the Marley Estate. I've never broadcast them or allowed them to be copied, thus enabling the showing of gems like the 11 minute "Wake Up and Live" from the fabled Amandla concert, using it to lobby for the release of the full show. It now appears that, after 27 years, serious negotiations are underway to release the film later this year on dvd. Everyone who loves Bob should say a private prayer that this phenomenal concert at Harvard Stadium is finally revealed to the public, and encourage Universal to obtain it as soon as possible.

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