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Day-By-Day inna Paradise - day 1

Posted by Daniel 
Day-By-Day inna Paradise - day 1
January 14, 2006 01:46AM
Mere words cannot do justice to all that I was able to absorb during my week in St. Croix and Puerto Rico, but here goes anyway….. It was the first annual Winter Reggae In Paradise that called me on this journey, but I could fill a book up with all the experiences I had in the 8 days i spent in St. Croix and Puerto Rico.

As I entered the boarding area for the short flight from Puerto Rico to STX, I noticed that Midnite’s drummer - Christian Molinna-Curet (aka Sly) was also there, and when we landed I saw that Ronnie Benjamin had also been on the plane. As we waited to be picked up I saw just how beloved Ronnie Benjamin is on the island of St. Croix, as all the taxi drivers and airport workers were very familiar with him and his works even though he has been living in Antigua for some 16 years now.

A few minutes later, the younger Benjamin came by to take us on a 10-hour whirlwind journey throughout the island that began with a meeting at the venue for WRIP – Cramer’s Park. NiyoRah, Tippy, Dean Pond and Iba were all there, and I got to reason with them while Ron held a meeting with the event’s Security and Police Force. I also got to listen to tracks from the next Midnite – I Grade collaboration “Jah Grid”, the forthcoming NiyoRah album “Purification”, a Dean Pond (340 Records) compilation that will include songs from Vaughn Benjamin, Pressure, Eno, Luciano and others, and a few tracks from the next Pressure album.

We then got some food and I was introduced to some of the MTV-Tempo crew who were filming throughout the island that weekend. It was great to drive around the island and watch everybody (especially the ladies) hail up the ‘big celebrity’ – Ronnie Benjamin, Sr. While driving around, we ran into Aaron Bull, whose songs on the Black Star Liner albums I enjoy very much, and Jah Rubal (aka Daddy Locks) down at the Fish Market in Fredericksted. In addition to a combination with Vaughn on “Jah Grid”, Jah Rubal has several tracks on the brand new compilation “ItinualJah”.

We also stopped by to meet one of the many youths who Ron provides musical guidance. He played us 4 or 5 reggae tracks that were outstanding. What made it even more incredible was that ALL the music, engineering and production was done by a 14 YEAR OLD child!!! Before the night ended, we linked up with Dean Pond again and got to listen to most of the selections from the forthcoming Ikahba and Dezarie CDs. 6 new albums in the first 10 hours was an excellent beginning to this journey…..
Re: Day-By-Day inna Paradise - day 1
January 14, 2006 10:51PM
Haha - I knew you'd come through big Daniel. I hope you got some pics as well, but this is great stuff...
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