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Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 2

Posted by Daniel 
Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 2
January 14, 2006 02:01AM
Although we had been up until about 3:00 the night before, I still arose at daylight. Hotel Divi is located all the way out on the east side of the island. While many of the artists were staying there and it was very close to the venue, it was a long ways away from anything else. As there was a ‘Children’s Parade’ in F’sted, we decided to make the haul.

When we arrived in town it was jammed packed.
There was float after float of steel drum bands followed by 10-20 children dressed up in 'carnival lite' gear...

A nice experience to witness these 4-12 year olds 'wine up dem waist'.

I'm really not into the 'carnival' thing, but this was really nice

Lots of smiling faces throughout the parade and crowd

What is really amazing is how small the community is. When we got out from our ride, the very first car i saw was Tippy and Tuff Lion, and they reminded me of their show at Club 54 that. During the Parade, we ran into Kufunya and Preston who was making his first trod to STX. I sense a closeness on the island, even to people i've never seen before.

After dinner and a brief return to our room, we headed down to Club 54 where Lady Passion, Bambu Station, Iba and DAPP were to perform.

When we got to the venue, i felt like i had arrived backstage at a festival because all the faces not only seemed familiar, they WERE. Cheech and Hayba of Reggae Bubblers were standing outside, and phil, Jr. P and dion were just starting to set things up.

The venue was really nice - 3 levels with the lower level being the stage and club area. The second floor is a little Mezzanine that has open walls on each side, and the top level is basically open aire and 420 friendly. At about 10:30, DAPP started to play, but Abijah did not make the journey, so they had a second keyboard player instead. It sounded pretty good, but I spent most of the set outside talking to Cheech, Hayba and Ikahba. We talked about his upcoming release (he has 2 projects with Ron and a next album too), and the songs I had heard the night before. And he promised to fulfill my 2-year standing request to hear Skylarkin.

At one point, Dale Melody (Donny Dread’s brother) introduced himself to me. Then Bambu Station came on. Lady Passion sang about 45 minutes worth

I was glad to hear her I had missed all her bay area shows last fall.

Her music was well received by the fairly good-sized crowd.

Then Iba came out.

His wife and mother (who lives in Connecticut) were also present.

Bambu Station sounded as good as ever.

Phillip Merchant held down keyboards while Jalani was singing

I really didn't get to hear most of the music, as I was talking with Phil, Jr. P (who gave me some of his new music), Lady Passion, Ikahba and others during most of the set. I also ran into Tiffany and IC at the club with whom it was nice to finally make the link.

We started leaving around 2:30, but as we left, I ran into Sahara Indio, who gave me some of her new recordings with Tuff Lion. Then I noticed Ankh Watep, and we spoke for a while and made plans to link up on Monday during a rehearsal with Gravity Band. Just as we were walking away, Ryan of Midnite arrived and introduced me to Mada Nile. When I told her how much I really enjoyed her album, she seemed a bit doubtful, but the look on her face changed 180 degrees when I not only told her which songs I liked, but rattled off a few crucial versus. Another action-packed day ended at about 4:00.
Re: Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 2
January 14, 2006 02:13AM
Re: Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 2
January 14, 2006 02:15AM
Sounds like a killer trip Daniel. Thanks for the pics. Respect.
Re: Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 2
January 14, 2006 02:25AM
Nice report Daniel, I like all the photos interspersed with the text.

I happen to be in St. Kitts at the same time for their carnival, about 100 miles East of St. Croix. They call these Christmas Carnivals and they start at Christmas and go thru the New Year...I think there are a couple of other Christmas carnival /festivals on other near by islands as well.

We had extremely windy weather and it rained two or three times a day, did you experience the same thing?

I saw that the most popular band in St. Kitts was to perform somewhere in St. Criox, I think on Thursday Jan. 5th...called the Nu-Vybes or Sugar band.
They won the Road March in the St. Kitts parade, thats the most popular song played by the band in the carnival parade. Im thinking we should have stopped over in St. Croix for a few days after we left St. Kitts which was on Thursday, sounds like you were having a good time.

Looking forward to hearing about the remainder of your trip.

Re: Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 2
January 14, 2006 10:59PM
Um - guess I should've witheld my comment until you pulled out the camera on day2. (hehe) Awesome I must say - glad you had a blast!
Re: Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 2
January 15, 2006 01:00AM
Nice Works Daniel!
Nuff Ras-pect!
Re: Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 2
January 15, 2006 08:19AM
Beautiful costumes in that parade Dan. Where can I get a pair of those pants the stilt-walkers are wearing? Lady Passion has me stirring too! Beautiful woman! Glad you had a good time. Thanks for the reports.

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