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Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 3

Posted by Daniel 
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Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 3
January 14, 2006 02:54AM
After another short night, I drove across the island to link up with Cheech and Hayba of Reggae Bubblers.

We had made arrangements to go and chop down some bamboo, but by the time I had arrived they had already secured some really nice bamboo for me.

<==Cheech Hayba==>

I spent a few hours at the Yaba Pot studio listening to music, watching some videos and conducting an interview. DJ Tiffany from KZSC was also present.

I returned to my hotel room in the afternoon hoping to get some ‘down’ time, but that changed when I ran into Bill from North Carolina and Mutabaruka at the hotel. At night, we headed across the island (yet again) to see Reggae Bubblers at the UCA center.

The UCA (United Caribbean Association) center is an ital food (great vegie patties and fruit juices) and rasta gathering place located right next to the town square that regularly features reggae. Lots and lots of dreads on the island.

Positively Nelsons have been doing background vocals for Reggae Bubblers lately, and although Sparkles was no longer on the island, her sister “Empress Auset” was there and sang some of her own songs.

Xkaliba was there and sang a few numbers.

Afterwards I was able to do an interview of him down at the F’sted wharf.

He calls himself ‘original nine fingers’ not because he preceded Niney but because he was born that way.

There were several other artists (Revolution, Queen Ishiba, Sekhu) featured that night as well, but I was determined to try and get to bed by midnight because sound check was supposed to be at 8:00 the next morning.
Re: Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 3
January 14, 2006 04:55AM
I see all the camouflage dress, popular fashion these days for sure.

When my wife got off our American Eagle plane on the tarmac at St. Kitts she was wearing her camouflage pants and jacket and a women that works for the airline kindly said "they may stop you in immigration with the camouflage, its against the law or something to that effect". So, my wife took off the jacket and put it in her back pack and she got thru just wearing the pants.

Later we asked what was going on, and people told us that camouflage is what the St. Kitts military wears and they police the island along with the the regular police so its prohibited to inpersonate law enforcement. They said there was a recent serious problem where some thugs were wearing camouflage and were mistaken for the military.

Now Im wondering how many Caribbean islands prohibit camouflage. Anybody know?
Re: Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 3
February 01, 2006 10:52PM
Greetings In the Name of the Most-High,Give Thanks for the Pictures de
Interview,Promotion,Advice and Positive Feedback! Just to Make Things
Clear to the World? InI Call Myself(Original 9 Fingers)Not Because I was
Born That way,InI Suffered From a Job-Injury in Summer of(1992)While
Working in a Metal-Shop,My Hand was Crushed in a Machine! Ever Since
I Started Saying that whenever Performing or recording Because there
Was'nt any Artists in Reggae I Saw or Heard of Like This? So until we
Link Again(Daniel)Keep Up the Good Works!See You in the Future.(Bless)
Re: Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 3
February 02, 2006 11:36AM

Also to get tings clear, i've seen a couple spellings of the name. Is it Xkaliber, like is listed here, or Xcaliber like is listed on Itinualjah?

Also, bigs ups on the the props Vaughn and Ron throw yahweh on the new Jah Grid CD. First track, "Enter", praises the man that sings Babtising in the Ghetto.

Re: Day-By-Day inna Paradise -day 3
February 02, 2006 04:56PM
Blessed love Xkaliba and good to see you visiting these distant parts, even if only through the internet. I sincerely apologize for the misinformation regarding your nick-name. As I sit here I honestly cannot remember who told me this, but it was someone in STX who sounded like they knew of what they spoke. And it made sense to me because Niney (The Observer) has been around and playing/producing music from before the i was born.

I'll be featuring the interview of Xkaliba on this week's broadcast of The Uprising, as well as playing some X selections from the ItinualJah compilation and his live performance at UCA center earlier this month. And be on the lookout for "United States of Ethiopia", a single on the VI Conncetion label (out of France) that should be out any day now....

Xkaliba performing at the first ever Winter Reggae In Paradise festival