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Flying with shy Anne

Posted by The man 
The man
Flying with shy Anne
January 15, 2006 02:51AM
Shy Anne Morrow Lindbergh is well known for the books she wrote. She is also well known because of her famous husband, Charles Lindbergh.(He was the first male to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo)

Anne Morrow Lindbergh was born in 1906. She lived in New Jersey. She had 3 siblings. Her favorite thing to do was write in her diary.

Anne's father was chosen for ambassador for Mexico. During Christmas vacation, Anne and her family went to see her father. When they arrived, famous Charles Lindbergh was there. Anne's father had invited the Lindbergh's family for Christmas vacation too. Charles wanted to thank the Morrows for their kindness and for letting him and his family stay for Christmas. So Charles took the Morrows for a little plane ride. That is when Anne wanted to learn how to fly a plane. Shy Anne fell in love with Charles.

In December 1928, Anne and Charles were secretly engaged. Shy Anne Morrow Lindbergh had become famous. Anne took flying lessons from Charles. Anne had become the first U.S. woman to get a gliders' pilot license. Anne had also become Charles' flying partner . Anne learned how to use the radio. She went with Charles on every flight. Together they reported weather and landing conditions. Anne had accomplished many things. She wrote many books, like Listen! The Wind! and North to the Orient .

When Anne and Charles came back from one of their flights, they were criticized for accepting a German medal and for speaking against the war. They had tried to stop the U.S.A. from getting involved with the European war.

Charles Lindbergh died of cancer in 1974. In 2001, 27 years later on February 7, Anne died at the age of 94. Anne lived a long happy life with many adventures. She will always be remembered for the books she wrote and for flying with her husband, Charles Lindbergh.

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