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I'm a Newby- need questions answered please

Posted by gngalvr 
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I'm a Newby- need questions answered please
January 18, 2006 05:17PM
I am considering venturing to the SNWMF '06 for the first time.
I know of nobody that has ever gone so need some questions answered before I take the long journey.
Is the camping area a actual campground with campsites, or is it a open area where you just pop your tent and share your space with everyone else?
And can you see and hear the music from the camping area?
What is the tree/shade situation like?? at both campsite and concert area??
Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

Re: I'm a Newby- need questions answered please
January 18, 2006 06:11PM
Well, it will be a new venue this year so the answers to your questions can only be generalized, but based on previous events:

1) The camping is an open area, no designated campsites, but you can park your car next to your tent which is a big plus in my opinion.

2) You can't see the stage from the camping areas but you can hear the music but not to the degree that would be entertaining or a substitute for going inside the venue.

3) Limited shade in camping area and inside venue. Definitely bring shade for the camping as it can get very hot, well over 100F. Perhaps a beach umbrella for the inside if you have a real need for shade.

For more info you can probably find a lot by doing a search on previous posts.
jb welda
Re: I'm a Newby- need questions answered please
January 18, 2006 07:21PM
the "well over 100F" part is debatable...actually i dont think it ever reached 100 during the festival proper in the past 5 years though it was that warm the day before and the day after a few years ago. it *feels* warm though especially for those used to coastal climates.

like rw says though, its all unresolved this year until the venue is set, but basically come prepared for it being a bit warm during the day and a bit cool at night and you should be all set.

one love
jah bill
Re: I'm a Newby- need questions answered please
January 18, 2006 07:50PM
As I recall, the first year in Angels Camp on the Friday we were setting up camp it was well over a hundred, some said 107F. It was definitely survival time, the dust and the heat in the general camping area was unbearable. If you were camping on the hill on the grass under the trees in the staff camping area you missed all the fun.
jb welda
Re: I'm a Newby- need questions answered please
January 18, 2006 07:56PM
i remember it as very hot thursday but cooling down friday; could be though that it cooled down friday evening meaning it was still very hot on friday during the day. but generally its not that hot there, and as you pointed out it is a moot point anyhow because the show will be elsewhere this year.

one love
jah bill
Re: I'm a Newby- need questions answered please
January 18, 2006 08:11PM
Your right, it never got that high again in the following fours years, but the point is , it can happen.

The averaage highs and lows in both Angels Camp and Marysville are similar with Marysville a little hotter.

Average Highs...90F to 93F
Average Lows...53F
RECORD High...113F
Re: I'm a Newby- need questions answered please
January 18, 2006 08:51PM
it was that hot this year at rotr - i think it made it up to 105 both friday and saturday - it made for one of the worst camping experiences ever, and we were one of the lucky few that snagged a spot with some tree shade. of course that was in august, but still - late june isn't too much better.


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I'm exacting and need my recollections validated, please!
January 19, 2006 06:14AM
Gentleman, Newbie,
The year in question, the first for SNWMF at Angels Camp, the temps were well over 100 the week preceeding, 'cooling' down to high 90 by festival friday, mid 90's sat and sun. Believe me on this, although my exacting nature and my anal retentive memory for somewhat trivial things does not require any regularly taken meds. Not unlike ROTR of last year, that week is seared on my non-heat tolerant being forever.
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I am more than pleased we are moving forward with our festival this year and I'd like to welcome the newbie that started this thread. As the others said, come with shade, sunscreen, hats and plenty of H2O, baby. Lord knows where we will actually be this year, just thank the dieties of your choice, Mr. Smith and Ms. Franz that it is actually happening. I think Tessa may have had a large part in moving it all forward as well. ;-)

Peace love and Frank Lloyd Wright forever!