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mlk tunes

Posted by mosquito killer 
mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 03:48PM
hi all and sorry--i've never been big on threads like these, but a friend asked for assistance and i can't come up with much.

he's looking for songs about martin luther king jr. all i really come up with is a max romeo cut (everyone remember marcus, no one remember martin luther king...). any help at all is really appreciated...

Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 05:15PM
In Fantan Mojah's new release "Hail The King", there is a tune by Fantan & Jah Cure, track #3 "Nuh Build Great Man", that mentions MLK, but the song is not about him. It says: "...Dem kill Malcom X and Martin Luther King...". Don't know if that helps.

Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 07:21PM
it helps, since i'm pretty much drawing a blank, and he wants me to figure out 4 or 5 tunes i think by tonight...so thank you maconha. it would be helpful if i was at home in my music room rather than at work...does anyone else have any suggestions on tunes about mr king jr? tia.


Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 07:28PM
Man, there was a tune about 10 years old or so that had kinda a dub riddim going with parts of the MLK " I had a dream " speach going in the background but I cant recall now who did that one...It would be excellent. Maybe someone knows what I'm talking about...It used to be that Chuck Foster would play it on his radio show each year about this time.
Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 07:36PM

don't know if you are looking for reggae only, but... Ben Harper does a heartfelt ballard to Mr. King called "Like a King" (i think that's the name). "Like a king, like a king, like a king, how I wish you could help us Dr. King"

Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 07:41PM
on the latest mix from Child at Project Groundation he samples in some quotes from MLK as well as Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey. They are only samples, but very good for bridging between songs, the release is called "Straight From The East" and is hosted by Abijah and Natty King
Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 07:42PM
thanks folks. and yes, looking for reggae tunes basically.

any more suggestions haile appreciloved!


Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 07:42PM
"We Want a Subject in School on Marcus" by Burning Spear..

Malcom X., Martin Luther King, these three bredrin was one bredrin,
before the system split them apart..

Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 07:55PM
I would add Zema's "Free At Last" from her Black Sheep CD along with the companion "Freedom Dub" upon which excerpts from MLK speeches are included....
Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 08:01PM
There was another song in my head and it just came to me. Don Carlos sings in a song :"...Martin Luther come, Malcom X come,.......no we won't stop come, no we won't turn back, we gonna fight fight fight fight fight fight the revolution, we gonna fight fight fight fight till we get our justice...". I can't recall the name of the song, as all my Don Carlos collection got stolen a while back, but someone else here probably can. Good luck.

Jah first & foremost
Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 08:13PM
Michele, I think it was onna Foundation (singing duo?) that I heard a great MLK tune once, it was one a mi favorites on that album, caan 'membah da name a tune OR album tho... Ya probly got it in ya collection too!
Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 08:19PM
onna Foundation album, I means ta seh ;-)) think mebbe its calld Flames, mebbe?
Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 09:17PM
I would add Zema's "Free At Last" from her Black Sheep CD along with the companion "Freedom Dub" upon which excerpts from MLK speeches are included....

Freedom Dub was likely the tune I was thinking about.
Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 09:53PM
In Ras Midas's "Loving Vibration" he sings: "Martin Luther King tried to liberate African Americans/Malcolm X did his best but they put him down like the rest"
papa ray
Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 10:12PM
I remember in '84 being in JA on MLK Day, and I was TRANSFIXED by how
Barry G kept dropping King's speeches over tough riddems thru the day(!),
including Al Campbell's 'Jah Love' (available these days on the 'Heavy Metal Dub' Radics set) and Sugar's 'Give The People What They Want'----stark,well powerful.
Who Feels It Knows it.

Uh, 'ah thinks it's what you Young Peoples call a MASH-UP.....
Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 11:49PM
i just really want to thank you folks for the input! what a big help. and yes, that zema dub track will be fantastic!


Re: mlk tunes
January 19, 2006 11:51PM
Winston Watson/ Dillinger-"Dispensation/ Lion Rock" available on reissue 12" on Upsetress label, originally pon Orchid 12"

"them never love, them never love........them never love Martin Luther King"
jb welda
Re: mlk tunes
January 20, 2006 12:17AM
mlk dub on exterminator

one love
jah bill
Re: mlk tunes
January 20, 2006 01:28AM
it's not reggae but check out "By the Time I Get to Arizona" by Public Enemy.
The video got banned from mtv back in 91 cause it depicted the govenor of Arizona being assasinated.

Artist: Public Enemy
Album: Apocalypse 91
Song: By the Time I Get to Arizona

I'm countin' down to the day deservin'
Fittin' for a king
I'm waitin' for the time when I can
Get to Arizona
'Cause my money's spent on
The goddamn rent
Neither party is mine not the
Jackass or the elephant
20.000 nig niggy nigas in the corner
Of the cell block but they come
From California
Population none in the desert and sun
Wit' a gun cracker
Runnin' things under his thumb
Starin' hard at the postcards
Isn't it odd and unique?
Seein' people smile wild in the heat
120 degree
'Cause I wanna be free
What's a smilin' face
When the whole state's racist
Why want a holiday **** it 'cause I wanna
So what if I celebrate it standin' on a corner
I ain't drinkin' no 40
I B thinkin' time wit' a nine
Until we get some land
Call me the trigger man
Looki lookin' for the governor
Huh he ain't lovin' ya
But here to trouble ya
He's rubbin' ya wrong
Get the point come along

An he can get to the joint
I urinated on the state
While I was kickin' this song
Yeah, he appear to be fair
The cracker over there
He try to keep it yesteryear
The good ol' days
The same ol' ways
That kept us dyin'
Yes, you me myself and I'ndeed
What he need is a nosebleed
Read between the lines
Then you see the lie
Politically planned
But understand that's all she wrote
When we see the real side
That hide behind the vote
They can't understand why he the man
I'm singin' 'bout a king
They don't like it
When I decide to mike it
Wait I'm waitin' for the date
For the man who demands respect
'Cause he was great c'mon
I'm on the one mission
To get a politician
To honor or he's a gonner
By the time I get to Arizona

I got 25 days to do it
If a wall in the sky
Just watch me go thru it
'Cause I gotta do what I gotta do
PE number one
Gets the job done
When it's done and over
Was because I drove'er
Thru all the static
Not stick but automatic
That's the way it is
He gotta get his
Talin' MLK
Gonna find a way
Make the state pay
Lookin' for the day
Hard as it seems
This ain't no damn dream
Gotta know what I mean
It's team against team
Catch the light beam
So I pray
I pray everyday
I do and praise jah the maker
Lookin' for culture
I got but not here
From jah maker
Pushin' and shakin' the structure
Bringin' down the babylon
Hearin' the sucker
That make it hard for the brown
The hard Boulova
I need now
More than ever now
Who's sittin' on my freedah'
Opressor people beater
Piece of the pick
We picked a piece
Of land that we deservin' now
Reparation a piece of the nation
And damn he got the nerve
Another niga they say and classify
We want too much
My peep plus the whole nine is mine
Don't think I even double dutch
Here's a brother my attitude hit 'em
Hang 'em high
Blowin' up the 90s started tickin' 86
When the blind get a mind
Better start and earn while we sing it
There will be the day we know those down and who will go
Re: mlk tunes
January 20, 2006 01:29AM
There is a BIGGGGG tune that Johnny Horn forwarded on to me and I played on my show Sunday by Max Romeo. Here are the tunes I found. big up MK!

*****MLK Tribute*****
Rastafari Elders / Martin Luther King / Rastafari Elders / RAS
Max Romeo / MLK / Reconstruction / Mango
Jah Cure / Warn Them / 7" / Heights of Heights -- tenament yard riddim
Re: mlk tunes
January 20, 2006 01:32AM
guess you already knew bout that tune, check the others though. easy...
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