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Prayers for Bro Planno

Posted by Ras_Adam_Simeon 
Prayers for Bro Planno
January 20, 2006 08:51PM
Prayers for Bro Planno

email dated Thursday 19th January 2006, reposted from RastaItes.com

"Hail Beloved Empress Ijahnya,

On Tuesday at 11:58 I received a telephone call from the Dr.
saying that Mortimo Planno had stopped breathing, they had been
working on him since 9:00am and that he was dying. I immediately broke
down while rushing to his bedside where he lay seemingly lifeless with
tubes leading into his lungs to bring the exchange of gases which he
had ceased to do for himself. Except for the twitching of his eyes
from time to time for the next few hours we were being advised to make
arrangements for there was nothing else that could be done and that
his heart would stop beating at some point in time (soon was the
The brethren and sistren started to gather and the Kez from the
EOChurch came and prayed by his bedside. All seemed lost and many had
thought it a final view of this great Rasta man's journey. It had even
been rumoured that he had been pronounced dead and taken off the
breathing machine and heart monitor. I left his side at 5:00pm
expecting that we would hear news of his final beats at any time. When
I returned to his quarters at West Rd. at 9:00pm the news was that he
started to breathe again, had open his eyes and had began an uphill
journey from that resting place that he had gone to. When I made my
way to his bedside moments later he was shifting in his bed in
response to voices but no sound came from him. The next morning,
Wednesday, the said doctor called to tell me to come and look at my
patient. When I visited he was talking and breathing without need for
the machine.

Indeed his situation is critical but The Lion continues to fight
for our survival.

One Perfect Rastafari Love

Bongo Niah"
Jah V
Re: Prayers for Bro Planno
January 21, 2006 06:34AM
Much Greetings

Nuff Blessings and Love from the Island to Puerto Rico to brother Mortimer Planno we hope that by the power of our prayers and the power of Jah he may get better and continue to trod this earth as he has done for all these years, Hail to the Rastamen who opened the gates to His Imperial Majesty when he came to Jamaica. One Love and much respect

Jah V
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