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My home in Treasure Beach, JA

Posted by Adaria A 
My home in Treasure Beach, JA
January 21, 2006 05:11AM
Dear Boardies,
Just wanted you to know that my family's home is finished and available for renting. It is in Ft. Charles, a few miles west of Frenchman's Bay, which most folks refer to as the heart of Treasure Beach, on the south west coast of Jamaica.

It is magnificent, as you will see when you go to treasurebeach.net then click on places to stay then go to Sandy Rose Villa, then click on it's ad. It is a lovely part of the island, with most of its inhabitants supporting themselves through fishing and/or farming. No all inclusives or other resorts within 30 miles, either.

Sandy Rose is steps away from the ocean, the little beach used to be rather sandy, but the fierce '05 hurricaine season washed it away to the bare coral and rocks. We just put a splendid pool in with water from our well. We also feature a solar heating system for taking warm/hot showers. I built a concrete block compost station that has withstood three years of hurricaines.

There are so many things I love about this place, including a pair of white owls that circle our home in the still of the night that I have had to honor to see several times. We have several mature ligumvitea trees, which when in bloom, attract thousands of light blue butterflies. We've planted many indiginous plants so that we don't have to water what can't sustain itself in the rather dry climate. We have blissfull hammocks beneath acacia trees with views of the blue-green ocean, which lulls you to sleep at night.

Eventually I plan on putting a little recording studio in the caretakers cottage...the property backs up to lushly covered coral hills, no neighbors on one side(unless you count the goats), our friends on the other. We are tight with many of the surrounding local families, many of which have supported us with their love and who we have supported throughout the years through sending some to school and/or employing them for us and our guests.

I hope you enjoy taking a gander(and hopefully a relaxing, renewing vacation) at our home, which exists through the sweat equity of my dear mother's backbreaking work as a film/tv/music caterer in NYC 'lo these 24 years, and the blessings of our beloved island and it's peoples. It is a great way to get to know the island and the people, and an opportunity to understand further how this music we all love and respect arose.
Much love, AAA
Re: My home in Treasure Beach, JA
February 06, 2006 07:02PM
I'm going in July after the fest, so anyone who wants to come with me can stay for free!
The only cost is you must be entertaining and take me out to dinner at Jakes.
Peace, AAA
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